Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 Chichester

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Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 Chichester

Post by xxlynne »

Current Status: Homed
Zeus' Story: Zeus was found abandoned and unclaimed within a South Coast council pound. Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place saving his life. Zeus is now neutered, chipped, and fully vaccinated. Zeus came in to our Rescue Centre nr Gatwick whilst awaiting his new family.

If you are interested in rehoming one of our dogs, the first step is to complete and submit our ONLINE HOMING QUESTIONNAIRE. We do not discuss dogs without a homing questionnaire submission. You must be ready and we will only contact you if we have a suitable dog. For more detailed information, please see our Homing Process.

Please support our work and help our long stay dogs: Our minimum Adoption Donation is £250 (£400 for pup under 1 yr old). This supports our continuing rescue work and is non-refundable. We exist solely due to the goodwill and donations of our supporters and volunteers. Our dogs need supportive families who will offer them patience, time and tolerance whilst they settle in their new homes. Our Rescue offers all our dogs back-up for life.

Please note: Dog laws have changed, with zero public tolerance and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers in particular. Our Rescue asks new owners to keep their dog on a lead in public spaces and manage and support its encounters with new dogs and people, so as not to place the dog's life at risk. Destruction and Control Orders are commonplace nowadays.
Zeus's progress through our Rescue is below.
We work with our dogs, who often reveal an evolving picture and positive skills as they build trust.

Original referral information: Early Sept: Good morning,

I am contacting regarding the American Bulldog x we have in our Portsmouth Kennels named Zeus. Pictures are attached and a description can be seen below.

We are now at a final, desperate stage to find him a home, so I am trying my luck one last time. Zeus has been stuck in our kennels for 3 months now and although we understand that Rescue centres are extremely busy now, we also feel that they are slightly put off by his breed.

Zeus has caused the Kennels no issues and they say he really is a lovely boy, so we are getting very worried that we are not going to be able to find anywhere for him- Which unfortunately only ends in one way. We have tried everywhere we can think of and had no luck, so we feel very sorry for him that his freedom has been taken for so long.

I am hoping that you possibly have some space for him or can give details of any potential rescues who may take him.

Thank you very much Patrick

(Patrick agreed to hold for us)
Zeus came into RescueRemedies on the 5th Oct 23
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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by EggaT »

I have been lucky enough to be one of the 1st walkers to take this handsome boy out for a walk.
We only went for a quick walk as we are still getting to know each other. This boy was very sweet, kind and gentle. No pulling just happy trotting along smelling smells. I’m looking forward to getting to know him more as he settles.
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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by geoffcase »

I walked Zeus today. Armed with sausage I tried an introduction, but this nervous boy wouldn’t come too close. Paige kindly harnessed him and brought him out, and we went round the grounds together. I then took the leads and went off down the cinder path. For the first part of the walk he kept looking towards me for reassurance, and nuzzling my hand. For the second half he was much more settled and was happy sniffing and looking around. He is a gentle soul, and seems non-reactive to other dogs.
Zeus is a pleasure to walk, but Paige or Anna might need to harness him.
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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by Beccastj »

I took Zeus out for a short stroll at the end of the day yesterday. Paige got him out for me as he is a little wary of new people. He was lovely to walk. We walked up to the main road and along the verge for a bit and he was unfazed by the traffic going past. He walked well and enjoyed sniffing and exploring the traffic cones.
I will definitely be taking him out again.

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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by AmyMc »

What a beautiful boy Zeus is!

He’s been very nervy since he’s been in kennels. I sat in his kennel for 10mins feeding him high value treats. And from that we were friends! Very excited about getting some pets and looking forward to go out!

We went and sat in the quieter paddock to make sure we were ok with each other and he had his zoomies and thoroughly enjoyed his time in both paddocks!

He walks nicely on the lead and is eager to meet doggos. We did say hello to Martha who was in the paddocks and was wagging tails both sides. He’s needs some reassurance when out as I would assume he hasn’t been socialised much but he was a lovely boy to walk and cuddle with.

Looking forward to having more walks and cuddles soon 🩵❤️

Lovely Zeus:



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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by anne »

Zeus takes a little time to get used to new people but once he knows you, he relaxes and his personality shines out. He is playful, friendly and affectionate, as demonstrated during his play time with Kennel staff member, Paige when we spent some time in the paddock yesterday.
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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by AmyMc »

Took my best boy out again today!

Much easier to get him out today. Couple of barks but once I sat down came over for a cuddle! Very excited to get out! No issues with anyone else when taking him out the kennel. Said hello again to his neighbor Martha and they are very cute together!

Went into the paddock for a well earned run around! Once he has his zoomies out the way I say on the bench and he proceeded to sit on my lap, paws over my shoulders and lay his head on my shoulder and enjoyed the back scratches 🥹🥹🥹🥹

Zeus just loves some attention and a cuddle! He’s a big cuddle bug! He’s good at listening when we are out and has good recall in the paddock! Can’t wait to take him out again!
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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by StephenB »

Zeus is such a lovely boy. Friendly, playful and cuddly. He does jump up a bit now and again but it's not an issue. He just wants to be close to you and shows it.
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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by AmyMc »

Weekend Foster!

Picked up Zuzu at around 5 this evening and he was a dream in the car! Was sure about getting in so did have to pick him up and put him in but didn’t hear a peep out of him just an Occasional head up to see where we were!

Was nervous when we got out the car but we walked around a bit and he settled down! Came into the house and he met my other half and he was all smiles and wagging tales. Had a good sniff around, jumped all over the sofas 😂

Fed him and let him chill for a bit before we went out for his walks. Very curious of everything around! We had our dinner and he sat and let us eat!

All in all for his first few hours here he’s make himself very much at home! LOVES being close to you and happily fell asleep after being here for an hour! He’s a sofa cuddle buddy!

Kiss of love.gif





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Re: Zeus Bulldog x DofB 30.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by AmyMc »

24hr of Zeus!

What an absolute sweetheart! He was a massive snuggle bug last night. Had NO accidents, no noise and no shoes or anything chewed! Came downstairs and he was sleeping on the sofa!

Had another sniff from the cat this morning and no issues, hasn’t chased him or shown any aggression toward the cat! Also went for a walk and met a friendly Romanian rescue and they had a play and tried to run around. So he’s also dog friendly! Came back and had a slow afternoon on the sofa to where he sat with me all day.

Had a dogo date with 2 golden retrievers! Had a lovely time! Lots of running around and came back VERY muddy!! We put him in the shower after and I think he enjoyed it? He’s very clean now! Dried him off but him in his cow fleece and he slept on the sofa till dinner time.

Overall he’s a very calm, relaxed and sleepy boy! He is a delight to have here and will defo have him back before he gets snaps up! ❤️







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