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Alfie Staffie x DofB ?2022 Hastings

Posted: Mon 21 Aug 2023 20:00
by xxlynne
Current Status: Homed
Alfie's Story: Alfie was seized earlier this year for welfare reasons Body Score 1 (Skeletal/ Starvation) he has now fully recovered. Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place saving his life. Alfie is now neutered, chipped, and fully vaccinated. Alfie came in to our Rescue Centre nr Gatwick whilst awaiting his new family.

If you are interested in rehoming one of our dogs, the first step is to complete and submit our ONLINE HOMING QUESTIONNAIRE. We do not discuss dogs without a homing questionnaire submission. You must be ready and we will only contact you if we have a suitable dog. For more detailed information, please see our Homing Process.

Please support our work and help our long stay dogs: Our minimum Adoption Donation is £250 (£400 for pup under 1 yr old). This supports our continuing rescue work and is non-refundable. We exist solely due to the goodwill and donations of our supporters and volunteers. Our dogs need supportive families who will offer them patience, time and tolerance whilst they settle in their new homes. Our Rescue offers all our dogs back-up for life.

Please note: Dog laws have changed, with zero public tolerance and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers in particular. Our Rescue asks new owners to keep their dog on a lead in public spaces and manage and support its encounters with new dogs and people, so as not to place the dog's life at risk. Destruction and Control Orders are commonplace nowadays.
Alfie's progress through our Rescue is below.
We work with our dogs, who often reveal an evolving picture and positive skills as they build trust.

Original referral information: We have been asked to accommodate Alfie once we have a space.

Alfie came into RescueRemedies on the 10th September 23

Re: Alfie Staffiex DofB ?2022 Comes as soon as space

Posted: Tue 22 Aug 2023 19:12
by xxlynne
I don't usually show the before i.e. Welfare cases on entry into safety.

(Colin was 21 Kilos Body Score 2 on entry and is now normal weight 34 kilos Body Score 5)
(Haze was Body Score 2 on entry and now nourished and Body Score 5)

Alfie was Body Score 1 on entry, with mange. He has recovered now 5 months on and we are very honoured to be asked to help him.
Alfie was found kept in an aireless, windowless tiny under-stairs cupboard with no one at home so he wasn't put in there to hide him from visitors. He was found as noises were heard, scraping... in an skeletal state. We have helped many dogs in this way. Alfie however is coming to us recovered like Haze and Colin have.

Many of our dogs have terrible starts in life; we often don't know the detail. We don't publicise it but..... we help them to catch up with their normal milestones of development.

Re: Alfie Staffiex DofB ?2022 Comes as soon as space

Posted: Tue 22 Aug 2023 20:56
by Jude&Alf
How lucky we are to share in your journey, Alfie I cannot wait to meet you Kiss of love.gif

Re: Alfie Staffiex DofB ?2022 Comes as soon as space

Posted: Thu 24 Aug 2023 14:55
by Jan Case
Oh Alfie, onwards and upwards sweetheart xxx

Re: Alfie Staffiex DofB ?2022 RRemedies Centre

Posted: Sun 10 Sep 2023 17:19
by xxlynne
Oh Dear Dear Alfie has arrived. He has a gash to his head which got infected so was lanced. It is now a bit of a mess so we have found an emergency space to give him the right circumstance to begin the healing

Re: Alfie Staffie x DofB ?2022 RRemedies Centre

Posted: Sun 10 Sep 2023 20:31
by AmyMc
Oh sweet Alfie, can’t wait to meet him! Glad he is healing ❤️‍🩹

Re: Alfie Staffie x DofB ?2022 RRemedies Centre

Posted: Thu 14 Sep 2023 22:46
by Jude&Alf
Oh my goodness, Alfie is an absolute fizz bomb, he’s actually like a male version of our darling Ruby Tues thumbs.gif full of fun, love and happiness love4.gif
Emma and I went to meet Alfie yesterday and he was oh so ready to meet some friends and be off out on an adventure thumbs.gif as we approached his kennel, he scooched down as low as low can be, almost trying to make himself invisible and then as soon as he realised we were his friends then this massive big, old smile appeared and that was it, Alfie decided that he rather liked both me and Emma and we received the full on Alfie welcome woo.gif] so before he could enjoy his longed for walk we needed to fit his harness, first we had to get his cone off and harness on! Now Alfie is a little wriggle bottom, but I’m going to say he seems to adore any kind of human interaction, so while Emma was fitting his harness I was enjoying some Alfie cuddles and I’m going to say that I got a little bit lost in this boys pure sweet nature love4.gif honestly i just looked into his eyes and I was gone love4.gif
I’m going to say that Alfie doesn’t quite know what to expect yet, he’s had nothing good so far in his short life, nothing but absolutely horrible people, no love or kindness and all he has known is neglect, please read about his start in life to get an insight into what Alfie has been through I find it incredibly hard to even think about what Alfie has been through, but this boy he holds no grudges and oh my goodness how happy he is to find himself here, Alfie is going to absolutely thrive at RR and of how lucky we are to have him here, love, love, love this boy Kiss of love.gif

Re: Alfie Staffie x DofB ?2022 RRemedies Centre

Posted: Sat 16 Sep 2023 20:18
by StephenB
Well what's it all about Alfie! Healing and having a bit of fun. That's what it's about. Had a walk around the grounds and some paddock time with The Alfstar today. He's a lovely, good natured boy.

Re: Alfie Staffie x DofB ?2022 RRemedies Centre

Posted: Tue 19 Sep 2023 21:08
by Jude&Alf
Oh my goodness that smile, well that’s definitely what it’s all about Alfie thumbs.gif and that is what RR is all about, Alfie will only ever know love from now on love4.gif no more neglect, just absolute love, oh I cannot wait to see Alfie find his most perfect home, but in the meantime I reckon everyone is going to enjoy this boy’s absolute delight at living life to the full Kiss of love.gif

Re: Alfie Staffie x DofB ?2022 RRemedies Centre

Posted: Thu 21 Sep 2023 19:56
by Beccastj
I took Alfie out for a walk today. He was no trouble at all. He walked at a lovely pace and occasionally stopped to sniff. We passed a lively collie and Alfie wagged his tail and seemed eager to say hello. When I got tangled in a bramble branch Alfie stopped and waited and looked at me sympathetically. He was good as gold going back into his kennel and having his head collar put on.
Alfie is a sweet dog.