Bunny Terrier x Staffie DofB 13.04.21 RRemedies Centre

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Re: Bunny Terrier x Staffie DofB 13.04.21 RRemedies Centre

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We went for a lovely walk today across the main road and up the bridle path. Bunny lead the way snuffling at everything and rolling in the leaves at any opportunity.
We didn't get any pictures today as she is always on the go. Will try harder next time.
Bunny is such a lovely girl, and will no doubt make such a loyal companion.
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Re: Bunny Terrier x Staffie DofB 13.04.21 RRemedies Centre

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All volunteer dog walkers who have met Bunny fall for her and you just need to look at those big brown eyes to know why! Bunny stays calm when she sees you and wiggles her bottom as soon as you pick up her harness thumbs.gif . Bunny doesn't jump up when I walk into her kennel which is a good thing for any human. We have a long cuddle before we set off. Bunny is always calm as we leave and walk past her noisy neighbours. Most dogs would react in some way or another but not Bunny. Bunny is often my last allocated dog and by the time I take her for a walk, the site is quieter which I think suits Bunny. Bunny is very alert, sometimes she walks with her nose to the ground and at other times, she looks intensely through the trees and shrubs (must be her terrier instinct kicking in) or looks at what's behind her. Nine times out of ten there's no-one around. I talk to her in a gentle way, I don't know if it makes a difference but she seems to respond positively. Bunny is very affectionate, she loves cuddles and human company Kiss of love.gif .
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