Raj Staffie DOB 07.08 - 07.02.21

In loving memory ...
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Raj Staffie DOB 07.08 - 07.02.21

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Jul 21, 2009 1:05 pm

His Story: Found stray in Yorkshire. Attached himself to the pound manager and managed to get into another dogs kennel over the top to be with her proving his dogs skills to everyone's shock. Lovely, lovely boy.

Salient points: Brindle small framed Staffie. Adores people. Needs company and to manage his own company. Will break out of a crate. Needs secure garden and exit points. Basic training class as has missed out.

Advert: When does a prince become a King (Raj). Destiny is the key and Raj's destiny is dealing his cards right now as to which 'house' provides the right 'suit' for him. We swept the Ace of Spades out of the dealers hands ... and offered him a rescue place one minute to midnight. We think his dynasty is Diamonds ... so we are setting about preparing for him to take up his throne. He is neutered and just going through vax's. He is to be placed on our website to stare out at his subjects as they too recognise his majesty.

Raj is a Diamond dog and his gentle, sincere and humbled temperament will win him his home. He needs to have the company he was so deprived of in his last existence judging by his intense neediness to be with people now. He sits by your side and soaks up the love, radiating it out in bucket loads. He smiles and welcomes ... he is Royal. Fostered nr Fleet Berks

Please visit Raj's individual thread, in Dogs needing homes in our care on this forum to find out more about him and follow his progress.

If you are interested in re-homing please complete our homing questionnaire so we can ensure our dogs are matched and will suit your circumstances/lifestyle.


Raj's thread below

Today would have been his put to sleep day instead he is being taken in, awaiting transport at the end of the week to come to us.
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Re: Raj Staffie DOB 07.08 - 07.02.21

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Sad news Minda, and her children Ellie and Ewan lost Raj a week ago. He lived and loved to a ripe old age and was truly cherished. Thank you for letting us know its wonderful to know when our dogs exit centre stage with so much love.
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Re: Raj Staffie DOB 07.08 - 07.02.21

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Thanks for finding his thread for us - he looks so young! Raj was diagnosed with cancer (for the second time) in June last year and given 3-6 months so we feel very lucky that he stayed with us until February. He spent most of last summer sleeping in the sun which was always his favourite thing, apart from cuddles obviously. So many things we miss about him, he was such a huge character, thank you for trusting us with him.
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Re: Raj Staffie DOB 07.08 - 07.02.21

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Sorry to hear about Raj - I remember him - he was a sweetie x
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