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Re: Rudy Staffie x DofB 2020 RRemedies Centre

Post by RosC »

I took Rudy out today. We started off on our own but then bumped into Tinkerbelle so tagged on behind. Bailey caught us all up after a short while and the 3 walked along together for a lovely walk.
Rudy is a lovely boy and with plenty of nice walks has started to slim down a bit and is looking great.
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Re: Rudy Staffie x DofB 2020 RRemedies Centre

Post by Jude&Alf »

I am really enjoying getting to know darling Rudy love4.gif
He is your typical beautiful, loving staffie and I’m going to admit to having a massive soft spot for our beautiful red staffies love4.gif
So Rudy is pretty impossible to resist, I walk his neighbour Rubytues and as I walk past I can feel his eyes on me, just willing me to take him out for his very longed for walk, honestly this boy he’s just so blinking beautiful and absolutely impossible to resist thumbs.gif
Rudy is so very welcoming in his kennel, he really is the kindest and most sweetest boy, so full of love, so we always enjoy a little cuddle and then Rudy just wants to get going thumbs.gif and I’m going to say Rudy adores the company of one of his canine neighbours, he takes the greatest confidence from a doggy pal thumbs.gif we followed lovely Bailey SR last week and then surprisingly this week we followed the beautiful Shadow, honestly these 2 together were just perfect, both super respectful of each other, sniffing those perfect spots and just really enjoying each others company thumbs.gif
I really look forward to our next walk, but more than anything I long to see lovely Rudy find his most perfect forever home, he so deserves it and I’m a little bit jealous of his forever family, this boy is an absolute diamond love4.gif love4.gif
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Re: Rudy Staffie x DofB 2020 RRemedies Centre

Post by HelenR »

Walked Rudy for first time yesterday, after saying hello to him a few times through his door over the last few weeks! He is so friendly in his kennel and not lively to harness at all, even with a bit of barking from neighbouring pens. He did jump up a couple of times to rest his legs on me while I was faffing about loosening his harness straps (he is a bit stout at the moment!) Once we were just outside the kennel grounds he completed all his 'business' but then promptly turned tail and frantically pulled me back towards the grounds.
From his facial expressions (tight 'smile' when he opens his mouth a bit, wrinkled forehead and worried eyes) and occasional lip-licking if I tried to encourage him to walk offsite, he seems quite anxious and stressed at present. He does seem more at ease when within the grounds. When we saw another dog heading out he seemed keen to follow but unfortunately at that point it was time for me to leave.
Rudy enjoyed exploring the paddock and enjoyed watching a dog play in the other paddock. He wasn't too bothered about ball-chasing but he did enjoy his own game of selecting his own balls out of the pile in the tree-stump and dropping them on the ground nearby! He enjoyed having a little run around and sniffing while I pottered about the paddock with him, although when I sat down he hung around near me, so he obviously enjoys company. When it was time to go he headed to the gate good as gold and stood quietly to have his leads put back on. Lovely gentle boy.
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Re: Rudy Staffie x DofB 2020 RRemedies Centre

Post by StephenB »

Rudy's a lovely boy. Very playful and likes ball any conditions. He waited patiently while the girls were gassing, but really only had eyes for Mollykins
who he then followed down the lane
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Re: Rudy Staffie x DofB 2020 RRemedies Centre

Post by clairer »

I walked the lovely Rudy today, he is a very lovely boy, easy to harness in his kennel and walks very well on the lead. He has a calm and loving nature, showed no reaction when being barked at by another dog and walked along side me sniffing along the way. Is growing in confidence but will be so much happier in a home with a loving family around him.

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