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About our Rescue

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Please be aware of and consider the points below before you contact us:

  1. Our Rescue is located in the south of the UK and run by a very small team of volunteers, so we must act accordingly.
  2. We are rarely able to take in dogs from the public. We save our dogs from UK council pounds through dog wardens when their seven days have passed. The demand is astronomical and our funds are sparse.
  3. If you see a dog on the internet, social media, or 'free adverts' that needs help, please do not contact us.
    We know there are so many in need, but our Rescue's books are always full with the dogs we take in from pounds.
  4. If you are interested in rehoming one of our lovely dogs, please fill in our Homing Questionnaire (for cats, please use this one). It is the first step in our rehoming process - we do not make exceptions. We do not discuss dogs without a homing questionnaire submission.

    More information on Homing a Rescue Remedies Dog.
  5. If you are interested in walking our kennel dogs, please fill in our Volunteer Dog Walking Questionnaire. Volunteers must be aged 18 and older.

    If you are interested in spending time with our cats, please fill in our Cat Cuddler Questionnaire. Volunteers must be aged 18 and older.
  6. Fostering is currently only in exceptional circumstances due to a shortage of experienced volunteers to support. If you are interested in fostering one of our lovely dogs, please be aware:
    • We do not foster out specific dogs upon request.
    • We also do not foster out dogs as a trial adoption.
    • We match dogs with their foster homes based upon the dog's needs and the fosterer's circumstances.
    If you think your family's circumstances are right for fostering, please complete our Fostering Questionnaire.
  7. If you have considered the above, and you still wish to contact us (with or a general enquiry, or any offers of help or support that aren't covered above) please use the Rescue Remedies Contact Form.
For information and interest, we thought we would list the organisations and the 30+ pounds we regularly work with to save stray and abandoned dogs:

Dog and Cats:
UK-based Social Services;
UK-based Police Kennels servicing the Metropolitan as their exclusive outlet:
UK-based Vets;
UK-based commercial kennel where dogs have been abandoned
Other Rescues: Irish rescues (we comply with pet passport/import laws); Strayaid Durham. Abandoned foreign dogs where Rescues have not provided back-up for families
Dogs' own families.
Councils Dog Wardens: Animal Welfare Officers Eastbourne; Brighton; Broxbourne; 3 Welsh pound rescues including West Wales Poundies ; Reigate & Banstead; Crawley; Croydon; Dagenham & Barking; Dartford; 3 Battersea Centres; Derby; East Hertfordshire; Eastleigh; Fleet; Greenwich; Guildford; Hackney; Harrow; Kingston; Lancashire; Newport, Winchester; Norwich; Portsmouth; Princes Risborough (intake from 10 councils); Sheffield; Swindon; Tower Hamlets; Welwyn Garden City; Worthing.

Blossom came through Wandsworth Pound
Blossom came through Wandsworth Pound

Our rough estimate is that there are 100 dogs for every rescue place available. Does anyone know a more accurate statistic? More and more people are knocking on our door to handover dogs. Many aren’t willing to transport; foster; donate towards rescue and kennel costs; or fundraise for us, but behind this is a dog in need.

As an example, we had one lady contact us, giving scarce details and her phone number, but when we called her, she said: 'nothing to do with me, I just alerted you.' We then found out that the dog in question had changed hands three times in a week and is still out of our reach to rescue. This is heart-breaking to watch and time-wasting for all.

Please be aware we can not stretch ourselves any further. The true way to help us is to set up a standing order and complete gift-aid declaration. Please search your hearts and do this to help the dogs we have now and the dogs we will rescue in the future. Thank you.

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