Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by nhelyer »

Oh my, this was one of those very special homings which despite my best efforts left me teary in the car park afterwards - for all the right reasons!

It was fitting that the weather was so spectacular for Pippin's special, special day and excitement was in the air for Andrew and Leisa (and for all the Guidlford walkers waiting to hear with bated breath how the meeting went). As some of you may know Pippin can be nervous of new men so I had asked Andrew to ignore her to start with so she could move things along at her own pace. And out of the gate she bounced with her very special walker friend Megan ... and promptly bounced up to Andrew and jumped up for a hug! woo.gif] Extraordinary for Pippin and it was clear immediately that this was one of those "meant to be" homings! love4.gif

Off we went for Pippin's lovely last Guildford walk and she could definitely sense something was in the air as she pony trotted along in her pretty new harness. Andrew was like a magnet for her, and it was such a delight to see her so happy and confident with him and with Leisa in such a short time. I really didn't need to ask the question at the end of the walk ... it was a 'slam dunk' all round! Paperwork completed, one last special Pippin cuddle for Megan (cue tears for everyone!) and then into the car ... and oh my goodness she couldn't get into Andrew and Leisa's car fast enough! One happy smiley dog sitting on the back seat with Leisa and as we waved them off all we could see was Pippin's tail wagging furiously through the back window love4.gif

Andrew and Leisa, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking Pippin into yours. She's a very special girl who has waited far too long for "her family" but today really proved she was waiting for YOU! You have made so many people spectacularly happy today! THANK YOU!

Kiss of love.gif

Special thanks also to Megan who has been Pippin's anchor whist she waited for Andrew and Leisa, supporting and guiding her throughout. You'll always have a special place in Pippin's heart, Megan, as she will in yours.


Go have a wonderful life Pippin! You're so very loved xxx
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by Sarahk »

mylove.gif indeed, what a wonderful homing and that photo, such joy all round and yes Nicky, you've made me cry too, happy tears, the good ones !
Thankyou Megan for being there for Pippin and helping her so during her time in kennels x

Be happy Pippin, Andrew and Leisa you have a lovely girl in your life, have a fabulous time :D
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by MrsP »

:smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif: :smiley-dance017.gif:
Dancing bananas for you Pip, go be happy and put on some weight :D
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by JenG »

Yay! Pippin!!!! I will never forget meeting you the first day you arrived at Guildford. Very calm and slightly bewildered but as always ever so sweet! Be happy little one! Xxxx
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by Megan »

Hi Everyone,

Well today was emotional!!

There's not much to say other than I truly believe this one was meant to be. Pip, as you all know, can be wary and a little 'off' with men, but instantly was happy with Andrew. She came back to me a few times on our walk for a little reassurance, but I am so confident that Andrew and Leisa have more than enough love for her already and will always support her when she needs it.

I will miss Pip immensely, but I absolutely know she has gone to a deserving home with lovely people who will take the best care of her (and hopefully fatten her up a bit!!)

Thanks for all the praise lovely people, but Pip had it in her all along; it just needed a little persuasion to let it out!

Be happy with your perfect new family beautiful Pip. I love you, and always will.

love4.gif love4.gif love4.gif love4.gif love4.gif love4.gif
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by AlisonC »

So delighted to read all about this special homing for the gorgeous Pippin . She deserves the best and it sounds like she has found it with her new forever family for her :thanks.gif: :smiley-bounce016.gi: .
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by mandyandmike »

Gorgeous Pippin I shall miss walking you but so happy you have been homed. wheyhey.gif
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by Chapmania »

Wonderful news that sweet little Pippin has found her forever home. Be happy Pippin love4.gif xx
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by Andrew&Leisa »

Hello everyone,I can confirm that Pippin is fitting in very well so far!!!
She is laying on our bed now trying not to give in and fall asleep!!
What a darling!!!-I took her for a nice walk this evening and she behaved perfectly.
Everyone that has met her so far has fallen in love with her-now we need to fatten her up lol.
I'll post some pics up later this week.
Big thanks to Nicky and Megan for being so nice and making sure today went so smoothly.it was great to meet you both(and Lynne just before we left)
Thank you-Andrew and Leisa
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Re: Pippin Staffie DOB 2013 Hitchin, Herts

Post by Megan »

Hi Andrew and Leisa!

That's all absolutely wonderful to hear.

I'm super excited to see some pictures woo.gif]

I'm so happy Pip is fitting in well - I honestly believe it was meant to be with the way she took to you both love4.gif
Be happy and have fun :D
And let Pip know that she's missed hugely by everyone...

So looking forward to some pictures!!

Lots of love, Megan :smiley-dance017.gif:
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