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Tricia B
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Re: William Crossbreed DofB Nov 22 RRemedies Centre

Post by Tricia B »

William is a great dog good to walk i have walked him twice a week since he came to the kennels he is calm enjoys his walks has a lot of energy so his energy needs to be directed in the right direction Agilty or Fly ball or simply have play with a ball or even go running with you his mind does need working but he would make a good compannion to the one who gives him love
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Re: William Crossbreed DofB Nov 22 RRemedies Centre

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William had already gone for a walk but I took the opportunity to take him to the paddock to play just before I left yesterday. He was excited when he knew it was his turn but easily harnessed and once we were out, he knew we were going to the paddock as he immediately took me in that direction! William absolutely loves to play with the ball. He also likes to rip off the fabric on them too so it’s best to keep two on the go, that way he drops the other one before having time to rip it! Occasionally, he is so desperate for the ball he may jump up to grab it, but no harm is done. William listens to commands well when told to sit or get down for example. We had a good play and then returned to his kennel. He leant in for some affection and then I eventually sat down. William is very much unaware of his size as he likes to spread across and sit in your lap if given the chance, which I was more than fine with! We had a cuddle for a while, I really didn’t want to leave him! I was reminded of what a special, loving, gentle boy William is. I am so surprised that he hasn’t been snapped up yet because he is lovely!
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Re: William Crossbreed DofB Nov 22 RRemedies Centre

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I have walked William a few times now and what an absolute darling he is! He has such beautiful markings and a wonderful personality to match. William is always very happy and excited to go out for a walk and on the last occasion we spent some time in the paddock too. He loved to play fetch with a ball or three, and really enjoyed the freedom to run around!
He is such a fun spirited, energetic and lovely boy and I always enjoy our time together.


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