Woody Mastiff x Staffie DofB 08.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Serious discussions are already underway with families on these dogs, or they are homed on a trial basis (with Homing Team approval)
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Re: Woody Mastiff x Staffie DofB Dec 22 RRemedies Centre

Post by EggaT »

Woody, woody woodpecker, sir woodingson, master woodster…. What a little ray of sunshine you are.

We had a beautiful walk in the sun today with Selwyn and Lloyd and Woody was an absolute dream. He even decided to put aside his mud aversion for the occasion. Here’s the handsome lad proudly sporting muddy feet! I never thought I’d see the day.
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Re: Woody Mastiff x Staffie DofB 08.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by lloydj »

Selwyn and I had the pleasure today of having a lovely walk with Woody and Emma.

Woody and Selwyn both walked so well together and everyone had a really enjoyable time.

Woody is so well behaved and such a handsome and kind boy.

He is ready to give his love and bring joy to his new forever home ❤️

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Re: Woody Mastiff x Staffie DofB 08.11.22 Weybridge Temp Foster

Post by Nic-90 »

3 night and 4 day foster break

After such a lovely foster a couple of weeks ago I had to have woody again!

When I got him home he knew exactly where he was going and walked straight up to my door, after letting him settle and catch up on some sleep in his favourite position it was time for a bath, he was so calm and relaxed it really was a doddle, we had a licky mat on the wall which kept his attention but even when he had finished that he didn’t cause a fuss and let us wash and dry him without any issues!

After a good nights sleep we met some friends and their dogs at Virginia water- 8 people he hadn’t met before, plus 1 toddler, 1 baby, 1 boxer dog, 1 cocker spaniel and a French bulldog. With every person and the children he was friendly and would say hello before moving onto the next

With all of these dogs he was brilliant, they were off lead but woody kept on and he was happy to follow and lead without pulling. Even when 3 off lead boxers bounded over to him he was calm and relaxed, we probably passed over 60 dogs on the route and not once did he react negatively!

Even with runners, kids on scooters and lots of people around he was plodding along happy as can be, everyone was amazed at how calm he was and what a handsome boy and lovely colour he is!

The next two nights consisted of sleep, more walks to the local park and along the canal with more and more compliments about him

He was a little stubbon on one walk but when I walked him back the other way he was happy to carry on and just go a different route, he’s got a good level of training under his belt already, responds really well to simple commands “come” when a bit distracted by something “sit” “wait” “go on” of course the incentive of a treat helps but I have no doubt with some consistency this would quickly become a solid foundation

At a enclosed dog park he liked to run around freely, but never went too far, loved to chase a thrown stick and even brought it back a couple of times

I can’t emphasise enough how lovely he is, he will make a great best friend / addition to a family. A truly special dog.















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Re: Woody Mastiff x Staffie DofB 08.11.22 Hailsham Temp Foster

Post by AmyMc »

Woody Woodland!

What a beautiful boy he is! I picked him up for an Easter holiday! Picked him up Friday afternoon and was about an hour home! No issues just took about 10mins to settle and took it slowly home so we didn’t have any accidents! Got home had a little walk and came in. No issues had a good sniff around had some dinner and made himself at home on the sofa! Had a pick of stuffed animal and took a couple to the sofa and there he sat all night! No noise or mess all night!

Saturday we left him for a hour or so and he didn’t leave the sofa lol took him to Jollyes and the Gym and he loved it! Made lots of friends with everyone he met! Met my friends baby and all kisses and my friends 9yr and had even more kisses! He’s a very calm and loving boy!









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Re: Woody Mastiff x Staffie DofB 08.11.22 RRemedies Centre

Post by AmyMc »

Just a little round up of my time with Mr Woody.

All in all he’s was a wonderful boy. He has clean in the house. No noise no mess now chewing apart from his toys. Loved meeting new people and dogs. Very calm and friendly in new surroundings! His amazing chocolate colouring means he really stands out when we went out a few times! Had a trip to jollyes when I first picked him up and he loved meeting all the people! Lots of people asked about him and were amazing at how friendly he was with people and dogs!

He also met my friends baby who is under 1, he was SO gentle! Sniffed and licked his hand and it’s was the sweetest interaction!

Woody would make an amazing addition to your family!


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