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Re: Olive Patterdale DofB 2021 RRemedies Centre

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Walked Olive this week such a cute little girl walks very good on lead not dog reactive or people just enjoys her walks and chicken has a good spring in her step when walking enjoys playing with her toys just happy even though she has only one eye
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Re: Olive Patterdale DofB 2021 RRemedies Centre

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I took my chance today to walk the little live wire Olive and what a delight she was.

I was doubtful at first that we would make it into the woods for a plan walk and her attention was drawn to the cats area and she was standing on her back legs like a meerkat intent on watching the cat antics.

With a little cheesy treat to catch her attention I focussed her back on a walk and we entered the woods with a spritely little skip in her step.

Despite plenty of mud and puddles more like steams Olive took this all in her stride and didn’t shy away from our little adventure.

After a fair old walk for little legs she let me know she was ready to return and we retraced our steps. Once back in the reception area we came across another terrier about to go for a walk with a squeaky toy and Olive was quite taken with the scene, showing us her waggy little tail.

I look forward to our next fun outing little Olive.


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