Thank you to all involved!

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Thank you to all involved!

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Thank you Beth! We had so much fun filming the Christmas video - you captured our personalities and loved all the fun treats!

Secret Santa - You can’t fool us, we knew it was you Auntie Lynne. 0002.gif]

We love our Volunteers and they love us!

Love, the dogs,
Sunny, Shadow, Hugo, Wilson, Ralph, Yogie, Scoobie, BeauBeau, Lexi
Rickie, Ace, Mika, Chelsey, Ethan, Hayley, Sully, Stan, Toby, Sage, Hughie, Faye and Billy

Special thanks to all involved who entered into the Christmas spirit and made a great team effort to show how magical this rescue is.

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Re: Thank you to all involved!

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Secret Santa remains Secret Santa keep guessing

Brilliant isn't it best ever tears tears and more tears be happy and Thank you everyone!
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Amount Raised £7593.23

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Amount raised £7593.23

Special thanks to everyone who has donated to the Christmas fundraising
We have raised £7593.23
It’s been a phenomenal success; the generosity of our supporters is overwhelming
All donators’ names are on the website, we have received some amazing messages

Special thanks to
Our admin team, Stuart, Fran, Paul, the Homing Team, Zoe, Kathy, gift aid lady,
Our Social Media team.
Our Christmas fosterers
Our Volunteers in our Christmas video
Our loyal walkers, in sunshine or rain are hands on with our dogs at the kennels.
The kennel staff who care for our dogs

I will continue to update the website and donations till January 1st
if you would like to donate
Thank you!!
Boxing Day
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Grand Total £9294.00

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Our Christmas Fundraiser has raised a massive £9294.00
Happy New Year from our dogs waiting for their forever home and all our homed dogs…..especially Colin, Tyler and Haze our XL Bullys who are home and safe.
It’s a record breaker and I can’t thank everyone enough who has donated and supported our dogs.
Thank you, Alison,
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