Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 Haslemere Surrey

Dogs that have found their forever home
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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 RRemedies Centre

Post by frankie »

Met this little lady yesterday . She is super friendly . She was very excited to be going out .
So off we went walking with a group .
She walks well on the lead but is a little nervous of passing cars and does pull but really easy to manage .
She is smaller than she looks in her pictures unfortunately I didn’t get to take any .
She has the most gorgeous little face , will give gentle kisses and takes treats very gently .
She so ready forever sofa. Someone is going to be very lucky to have this stunning little girl in their life ❤️
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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 Horley Temp Foster

Post by EggaT »

I’m a little late posting this apologies but Athena and her sister had a great adventure on Monday. You can watch them having the time of their lives here:
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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 Horley Temp Foster

Post by DimpleFosterMummy »

We had the pleasure of fostering Athena for a few days.
She stayed with our foster Greyhound Shelley and was an absolute gem to have around.
Athena is very responsive to training, she walks wonderfully on the lead, and she is such a sweet girl with our children and all other dogs she was introduced to.
She had never been in a home before she’d come to us, however toilet training was a total breeze.
We really hope Athena finds her forever family soon, she’s a total love bug.
Athena showed no signs of separation anxiety either. Perfect perfect girl xxx







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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 Horley Temp Foster

Post by Chrissy M »

Wonderful photos ! What a cutie Athena is, thank you for introducing her to a home environment which she clearly enjoyed ! 🎄⭐️
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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 RRemedies Centre

Post by clairer »

Athena and I had a lovely walk today, she and her sister are full of energy in the kennel but once the collar and lead are on Athena sits and comes out calmly for a walk. She walks well on the lead, stops for lots of sniffs and has a very gentle nature. She’s a complete sweetheart and deserves a home to call her own.
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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 RRemedies Centre

Post by EggaT »

Little Athena really reminds me of my dog when she was little. They look nearly identical!
As Athena and Marlene have grown up it’s been really lovely watching their personality grow. Initially Athena was the more confident of the two but Marlene has grown in confidence now and they are level pegging in that respect. Athena is a very smart little dog. She seems to have learnt that being a calm little girl wins you favour and treats from us humans. You’ll often find her sitting quietly looking at you just waiting for treat/cuddle/fuss deliveries. It’s all most like she’s realised that patience wins the game! Both doggies are absolutely delightful, infinitely trainable and good natured. love4.gif
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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 Haslemere Surrey

Post by xxlynne »

Little Athena is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Lynne and June,

Just thought I'd drop you a quick update on Athena now that she has been with us a few days.

She is settling in fantastically is where I'll start. She is super smart, a very quick learner and possibly the most loving dog I've ever come across. She loves her cuddles and because she is so food driven, she’s going to be a breeze to train. She loves to bounce across the couches in the living room and bury herself in the cushions and when it comes to cuddly toys, she loves ripping the stuffing out of them - just like Sasha used to!!

She has been very respectful of Sasha. We've had a couple of times where she's had a mad half hour, sets off on her zoomies and Sasha has been caught in the cross fire when Athena tries to get her to join in and ends up on her bum, but this is where she's just a big old lump of a pup - not an ounce of aggression in her. I think Sasha is getting more and more comfortable with her as the days go on and Athena loves following her around on the scrounge for food!

She's very nervous around cars and noises so I am slowly integrating her into some very quiet walks as recommended to me by a local dog trainer and I'm taking her to puppy class next week to start to build her confidence in a safe environment. She's my little shadow right now and comes everywhere with me which is very cute, especially when she gets on my lap (clearly she has no clue that she weighs 20kg!!! Hahahahaaha!).

So it will probably come as no surprise that we would love to go ahead and adopt her. We are all so smitten with her but haven’t posted anything on social media or told anyone associated with the rescue before telling you first. I’m just gutted we can’t take Marlene too but that really would be pushing it whilst Sasha is still with us. I really hope she finds her home soon, because these dogs are amazing.

Lots of love
Angelique, Leigh, Sasha and Athena

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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 Hazelmere Surrey

Post by sweetpea »

Wonderful news wheyhey.gif :goodjob.gif: 0093.gif :thanks.gif:
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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 Haslemere Surrey

Post by MandaTK »

I had the utmost pleasure of looking after Athena last week whilst Angelique and Leigh took a well deserved holiday. Over the last few months I have been visiting a lot so Athena could get used to me. As you know Sasha knew me very well but since losing her Athena is now an only doggie. Well, to say Athena has energy is an understatement so we played football lots which she absolutely loves. She had a tendency to jump up quite a lot and with permission from her Mum and Dad I started to train her on not doing this, using the skills that I learnt when volunteering all those years at Guildford. Well Athena is the quickest learner and loves to please so so much. Treats of course come in handy. Literally in a day she was not jumping up and listening to me lots. We then went on to walking at heel and trying not to get so over excited when we meet other people and doggies - she really does not have a bad bone in her body and truly only wants to love people and play with other dogs, she plays very gently with my girl - but other people do not always see this. First day we did lots of nice walks and treats in hand and second day she just sat at my feet when others approached and looked at me for a treat and although having a look at the people and dogs she did not get over excited. I was SO SO proud of her and she got lots of praise which she relishes in. If she knows she pleases she is happy. She missed her Mum and Dad lots in the first few days but we had so many snuggles - she sleeps on the bed with you and at 27kg and long she decides how much of the bed she is taking and SNORES for England!!!!!!

I adored my week with her - she is funny, mischeivous no trainers/shoes are safe!!! She runs round like a greyhound in the garden is so fast then plonks herself down for a cuddle. She adores cuddles. One of the funny things was when you use the oven to cook she stands in front of it waiting as if it is her food - I cooked a chicken and kept telling her it would a while but she still kept going back there!! She will wait until you have tidied up the toys then totally tip up the toy basket and throw them all around the house! Her favourite programme on the TV is "Dogs Behaving Badly!". She does everything with a smile on her face.

Athena loves being around everyone she is a totally wonderful girl who is SO loved by Angelique and Leigh and as Sasha was is totally spoilt. She did go absolutely nuts when her Mum and Dad came back and has been a bit of a naughty monkey I think making them pay for leaving her!! I will post the pics as soon as resized. Honestly this girl has so landed on her paws and I have been booked to look after her again. xx
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Re: Athena Staffie x DofB 15.05.23 Haslemere Surrey

Post by MandaTK »

I have had a conversation with Athena's Mum and Dad and since my looking after her and giving Athena a bit of training, she has delighted all by not jumping up as people come in to see her and her Mum and Dad. So pleased that she has learnt this so quickly. She is a monkey and runs off with trainers and shoes all the time but will apparently now bring them back. She is a delight and very very much loved. xxxxx
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