The Ethos of Rescue

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The Ethos of Rescue

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What makes a Rescue family…

Love of animals and acute sense that so many suffer
Awareness of the entire family to commit to their new MISSION and prepared to adapt to meet a new dog’s needs
Clarity on what facets of family life can be compromised and what will need matching
Assurity to provide their new dog’s security, safety and meet welfare needs as their dog adjusts in a new routine and arena of expectations.
Patience and bonding to accommodate allowing time, baby steps with a long-view and avoid over-correction.
Commitment to stand by your dog whatever life throws at you
Faith in self to work with and bring your experience to promote healing on all levels.

Some people say they didn’t choose their dog, they chose them: This only occurs when you put yourself and your ‘list’ aside and open your heart to a homeless dog who needs you.

Many people are blinded by breed-guessing, size, age and colour with the expectation and hope the dog is an all-rounder behaviourally and is full health. In their hearts they want a grown up accomplished puppy. They lack the confidence to move the dog through to where they achieve success. SHOPPING LIST? THIS ISN'T RESCUE, THIS IS RETAIL.

As Rescuers we picks up a dog in need, whatever their age, colour, fur type, problems, needs and ‘confusion’. They heal, they build trust and confidence and they reveal the dog as a MUST HAVE DOG to their new family…

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