Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Andover

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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Mon&Chris »

Thor was very excited to see us, as usual. He enjoyed his walk in the woods and was on his best behaviour. He got very excited in the long grass and decided it was time for rolls. He’s such a performer! In the paddock he loved chasing balls and having cuddles.

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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Gatwick Kenns

Post by A_Roth1 »

Thor is such a lovely typical staffy pup. We had a great walk on Sunday - echoing everything that has been said already that he is excitable and a fun little character, super friendly. We had some zoomies in the puddles and stick hunting, and also lots of head scratches along the way (he's happy to wait for those!). He is just a pup but a very quick learner - we did a bit of "heel" and after 10 minutes or so his bum was at my leg in a shot at the word (and the promise of a treat). thumbs.gif thumbs.gif
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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Gatwick Kenns

Post by anne »

Thor is an absolute delight. He has energy to burn being in kennels but it is controlled energy and not at all difficult to handle. He is a little nervous getting going on his walk but he just needs a little encouragement and then he gets his confidence and enthusiasm and then he is off. He delights in finding something to play with, be that a ball, a stick or a bit of discarded dog lead, which he lay down to chew after playing with it. He bounces with playful, puppy enthusiasm and delight, having found his treasure. In between times he walks well on the lead, stopping to sniff and take in his surroundings. He seems comfortable around other dogs and is just a terrific young lad who perhaps has had limited experience of the big wide world and needs a bit of reassurance now and again.
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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Andover Foster

Post by Jan Case »

Oh Thor, so happy to see you on the reserve list. Whoever takes you home is going to spend a lot of time laughing, you're going to bring a lot of joy with you xxx
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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Andover

Post by xxlynne »

Andrew and Alice have adopted their boy Thor. They are a brilliant couple who have supported Thor settle into his first exposure to a home life.
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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Andover

Post by PaulB »

Be happy Thor! 🤗
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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Andover

Post by AliceAndrew+Thor »

Thor's Adoption Day!
Today we rehomed the amazing Thor after fostering him for just over a week!
After spending his whole life in kennels he has taken to home life better than ever could of been expected!
Practically house trained himself, brilliant to walk, and even sleeps downstairs all by himself since day 2!
He truly has become part of our little family and we can't wait for all our adventures together ❤️
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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Andover

Post by Elliesmum »

Well done you three! Have an amazing time together, so happy for Thor who can now look forward to a loving family home :goodluck.gif: thumbs.gif :goodjob.gif:
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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Andover

Post by EmmaNicole » Yay way to go Thor and what a clever boy figuring out housetraining. Be happy gorgeous and thank you Alice and Andrew for offering such a lovely home and giving Thor the understanding he needs to adapt to home life :welcome.gif: bighug.gif
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Re: Thor Staffie x DofB 07.05.21 Andover

Post by mandyandmike »

Great news what a clever boy he is. thumbs.gif :goodluck.gif:
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