Cocoa Staffie x Rottie DofB Jan 2019 Gatwick Kenns

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Re: Cocoa Staffie x Rottie DofB Jan 2019 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Jude&Alf »

Oh how I adore this sweet and gentle girl love4.gif
I have been walking darling Cocoa since she arrived and she has never, ever let me down, not once thumbs.gif with time she has put all of her trust in me and I her, how incredible is that.
Cocoa is finding life super stressful at the moment, but thankfully she has her walkers to take that stress away and show her that life is good thumbs.gif
Cocoa has been very cute the last few times that I have taken her out, now that she knows I will indulge her in whatever she wants, she needs no encouragement heading out, knowing that we are going to go straight to the paddock for cuddles love4.gif once there Cocoa settles and enjoys every single bit of attention I have to give her, I could spend all day with this girl and never tire of her.
Cocoa absolutely loves being told what a good girl she is and after a while of total adoration from me Cocoa decides that its time to give out some kisses, always super gentle and very loving love4.gif
Not to be rude, but Cocoa was a little smelly today, so later on in the day we headed for the bathroom for a lovely shower. Now, I think you can tell from my previous posts how very much I love this girl, today she surpassed herself and I couldn't have been prouder. It always amazes me how our rescue dogs put all their trust in us and that's exactly what Cocoa did. Collar and harness stripped off, she allowed me to give her a thorough wash and I think she secretly enjoyed it, or more the proper tub down with a towel afterwards woo.gif] she was so good, coming in for proper cuddles love4.gif
Lovely new harness and collar fitted and we headed back to her kennel, lovely clean bedding and Cocoa jumped in her bed, straight on her back for tummy rubs and so I left this beautiful girl enjoying the last of my treats, cosy and warm, I love this girl Kiss of love.gif
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Re: Cocoa Staffie x Rottie DofB Jan 2019 Gatwick Kenns

Post by lainey29 »

Jude I love your little write ups and yes Cocoa is so adorable I sat with her in her kennels the other day for belly rubs and treats whilst the staff bought Padds through, she is such a beauty Kiss of love.gif She gives the best kisses (don’t let Betty or Mandy know I said that roflmao.gif Such a sweet adorable beauty
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Re: Cocoa Staffie x Rottie DofB Jan 2019 Gatwick Kenns

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Cocoa was strutting her beautiful pink collar and harness today (courtesy of her grooming session with Jude thumbs.gif ) and very beautiful she looked too. Cocoa was a bit subdued today, she had been a bit sick when Geoff walked her yesterday, and I was prepared for a little less bounce than usual. We had a lovely gentle stroll in the sunshine, with no rush, taking it at Cocoa's pace. We met Chrissy in the lane who wanted to say hello, and Cocoa was delighted to oblige (she really loves humans), she was also thrilled to see Becca a bit later, especially as Becca gave her sausage love4.gif . Cocoa is actually quite good around other dogs too, unless they are Patterdales! Having fallen out big time with Trevor it seems all Patterdales are tainted by association lol.gif so best to avoid when out walking, or give a wide berth to!!! We ended up in the paddock for cuddles. Cocoa needs a calm family that will help her develop confidence, she has a huge amount of love to give. love4.gif
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Re: Cocoa Staffie x Rottie DofB Jan 2019 Gatwick Kenns

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angel13.gif] cocoa you are such an adorable girl hope you find your forever home soon you have been in kennels for a while now [cry.gif]
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