Resizing photo files and attaching photo for use on the forum

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Resizing photo files and attaching photo for use on the forum

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I suggest the tool at is the simplest way to create photo/image files suitable for the forum. Being an online tool, you can use it from a PC, a Mac or a smartphone.

The forum software restricts the file size of attachments to 500KB. Modern digital cameras and mobile phone cameras generate file sizes many multiples larger than this, so practically every image file you wish to use is going to need to be reduced in size first.

A quick overview on using this tool:

1) Go to

2) Drag and drop the required image file onto the dotted, grey box or click "+ Select Image" to locate and select it.

3) Ignore the "Resize Image" options (these are for changing the image's size, not its file size).

4) Enter "490" in the "Save Options \ Target File Size in KB" field and click "Resize Image Now".

5) When the processing has completed, click "Download Image" to download the resized file.

6) The downloaded file is now a suitable size to be attached to a forum post!
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How to post photos on the forum

Post by Rescue Remedies_2 »

After you have written the post, select the ‘attachments’ tab underneath your post and click ‘add files’ to select and upload the photos you wish to add. Click on part of the post you wish your photo to appear and click the ‘Place Inline’ button underneath each photo file for your photo to appear correctly without the white border.
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