Recycling Separation for disposal

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Recycling Separation for disposal

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After 15 years of public recycling schemes it shocks me that people still don't understand what is for the recycling bin and what is rubbish. WE HAVE TO go through the rubbish bins on site taking out aluminium cans, plastic bottles+++++ AND MOVING IT INTO RECYLING BINS. This is preferable, ie sorting through waste, than walking around the site picking up discarded sweet wrappers bottles pooh bags. Moan over but that informs us how niave people are in understanding care of the Planet and the very basics of recycling in 2021

Cans should be crunched up by foot to save space: Bottle should be equally squashed to save space. The authorities no longer ask us to separate up recycling items because it wasn't done correctly so they had to employ people/ machinery to sort it anyway so we get off lightly we just need to know what is recyclable and what is general rubbish

On site we separate out cardboard as this takes up a lot of space and I take this to the dump when I go and it purist in the scene we have a specific skip for paper and cardboard so job sorted! Likewise metal
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