Attention: Please read before filling out a questionnaire

Have you found a dog you would like to adopt? The process is explained here and includes a link to our online Homing Questionnaire
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Attention: Please read before filling out a questionnaire

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We would like to apologise we can only respond to those families we think we can match to one of our current dogs with, this is explained in the automatic email you receive on submission of our Homing Questionnaire on line. We are a small team of volunteers. If we do not contact you we are very sorry but we are unable to give reasons and feedback if your application is not successful at this present time. Please do read our homing process before considering filling out a questionnaire.
Please offer us 10 minutes reading time:

Our Homing Team: If you are considering adopting one of our dogs, complete our Homing Questionnaire: This is first step in our rehoming process. Please bear with us we are thorough so we can get it right for our dogs and yourselves. We do not have sufficient volunteers to discuss our dogs before we receive an application from you.

Due to the volume of received Homing Questionnaires we now won't be able to respond to all. Our time has to be devoted to possible homes for our current dogs.

Possible reasons for decline@
1: If you state Specific Breed: A breed we do not have we are not breeders.

2: Distance: We can't place a dog at distance if there are cats, small pets, or very young children in your home or visiting regularly. Also you have another dog if you haven't recently managed 2 dogs.

3: Unable to match: as our dogs have specific needs we look for family with realism and able to adjust their lifestyle to settle a dog.

4: On Lead for life: If you want to be able to home a dog who is bombproof with other dogs whether challenged by others or has total recall whatever the distractions we are not the Rescue for you.

5: Not ready: Insecure boundaries; awaiting Landlord's permission; Unable to take within a 7 day period due to building works holiday etc.

6: Other Risk issues: eg. Garden backing on to railway or fast road; Balcony 1st floor upwards; Wrap around gardens/ easy to access front garden; Long leaving times.

Our Homing Team will decide if your application looks suitable for one of our current dogs. They will send an email which usually goes into junk mail making an appointment time. You will save time if you have already prepared a video of your front garden, through the house to your back garden showing weakest areas foxholes etc. We do home to people without gardens.

Complete: Our Homing Questionnaire is comprehensive and will enable you to think through dog ownership during its completion. The higher your expectations, the less likely we are going to be able to offer a dog to you. We don't have ready made easy peasy dogs, all dogs need stability to flourish. People walk away because the dog suggested is 2 years too old; 4" too tall or the wrong fur type. We are volunteers, giving up our own time in amongst our busy lives. Our homing process is founded in realism: We will be direct; you may think we are washing away your dreams, Breeders sell dreams. The aim of our guidance is to achieve a positive outcome for our dog and its adoptive family. Rescues save lives and match to make happy families.

Our Forum is our Rescue Centre. Browse by reading each dog's details often many pages. Please do not post questions and promises or claims on their posts. The Homing Team are talking with families about various dogs, and it can upset those families to think we have reserved a dog for another person.
Title Bar: Each dog's title bar on the Forum states their name, breed, age and location. We can only answer Homing Questionnaires. We strive to understand the complexity of your circumstances and home situation as provided by you in your Homing Questionnaire. We aim to be thorough and professional during the course of our our homing procedure.
First page declares Current Status: We revise daily but on the whole "Available" does mean still looking for their forever family. Read through and you will get a good fell of our dogs but the thread over their period in Rescue and improvement.
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