Peanut Staffie DofB 08.08.17 Gatwick Kenns

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Peanut Staffie DofB 08.08.17 Tamworth Staffs

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Happy Birthday for yesterday 🎉🎉🎉
Hope you had a great day, am sure that you were spoilt rotten and yes looking absolutely fabulous thumbs.gif
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Re: Peanut Staffie DofB 08.08.17 Gatwick Kenns

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Nothing beats a staffie smile!
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Re: Peanut Staffie DofB 08.08.17 Gatwick Kenns

Post by sweetpea »

How sad to see Peanut back .... blu1.gif
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Re: Peanut Staffie DofB 08.08.17 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Jude&Alf »

Yes, so sad to see beautiful Peanut back in kennels, I was obviously very keen to catch up with this most special and amazing boy Kiss of love.gif
As always I received the most fabulous welcome from Peanut, he can be a bit bouncy in his kennel but as I've said before Peanut is a bright boy, he knows if he stays still long enough to fit his harness and get the leads attached then the sooner he can enjoy his longed for walk thumbs.gif
Peanut can be a strong boy, but he's still so young with lots of energy, as you would expect from any young Staffie. So we set off at quite a pace, but the further we walked the more you see the beginnings of this darling boy start to relax, he's a busy boy, with so much going on, it's so nice to see him start to take everything in, longer walks are definitely key to Peanut having the best time :dog_running-186.gif:
Peanut strides ahead on his walk, but call his name and tell him he's a good boy and he will come running back, coming in for cuddles with a flash of his most amazing smile woo.gif]
Peanut has mixed reactions to dogs, we passed Kirby with ease, his walker kindly stepped to the side to let us pass, fabulous thumbs.gif but if we stepped aside to let a dog pass us it was just a little bit long for Peanut to wait and he became a little bit shouty, something to work on, but as I've said Peanut is super bright, with regular walks with social dogs he'll soon realise that there is nothing to worry about thumbs.gif
So I enjoyed 2 lovely walks with Peanut last week and both ended with a visit to the paddock as this is where Peanut shows his true personality, keen to explore, loads of rolling, lots of tummy rubs and cuddles and then the cheeky monkey jumped up on the table and mugged me for treats woo.gif]
Peanut has absolutely everything that I adore about the Staffie breed, full of love, life and laughter with the best Staffie smile as captured by new walker Darius, who it's fair to say is also smitten with this beautiful boy Kiss of love.gif
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Re: Peanut Staffie DofB 08.08.17 Gatwick Kenns

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Thank you Darius for the amazing photos, each one captures a different side to daring Peanut Kiss of love.gif
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Re: Peanut Staffie DofB 08.08.17 Gatwick Kenns

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Me and Peanut met for the first time on Saturday, and when I went to say hi to him at his kennel I saw first hand just how lively he is. His energy is absolutely amazing, he's got the brightest staffie smile and his eyes shine at you knowing he's getting out!

He let me put his harness and leads on without any fuss, very well behaved and just a tad excited to get out of the kennels.

I knew by his energy that he would need a decent walk to tire him out, so we decided to take the "long route" which was about an hour long. He done very well, and was very well behaved most of the time. We did see a few other dogs, which led to him being shouty and jumpy while we let them past. He also wasnt particularly impressed with horses, but that is probably due to a lack of experience and knowing what they are!

He is very focused on his walk whilst out, and apart from the odd scratch here and there he's a fidget and will just set off again. I did get lots of fuss when I put him back in his kennel though, I was sad to leave him as it was quite clear he didnt want me to go :(

No photos, they all blurred as he wouldnt sit still for more than a millisecond...!
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