Buds Staffie DofB 21.12.15 Gatwick Kenns

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Re: Buds Staffie DofB 21.12.15 Gatwick Kenns

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Geoff and Buds had a fabulous time in the paddock yesterday. Yes they did go for a walk as well, but Buds really wanted to chase a tennis ball off lead and so they repaired to the new paddock. Every time I walked past (with Macey who I think has a crush on Buds) I saw this madly wagging tail. Such a handsome happy boy. 0077.gif

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Re: Buds Staffie DofB 21.12.15 Gatwick Kenns

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So as I was partaking in my daily permitted exercise at the kennels yesterday I couldn’t resist (once again) taking my best boy buds with me for company. As per usual buds welcomed me into his room and once readied for the off buds left know margin for error on his preferred direction and led me to the paddock. Watching buds off lead in the paddock never ceases to bring a smile to my face and the shear joy his whole body expresses whilst he chasing his beloved tennis balls is wonderful to watch. After a good run around I finally told buds it was time to go and we had a lovely little wander round the woods before I sadly had to take him back to his room.

Buds does have his quirks and he will need a confident owner who is prepared to help buds through some of these but what Buds has in abundance is love and he is desperate to be able to share it and would be so grateful, if someone would give him the chance. :crossfingers.gif:
Buds doing what he loves the most
Buds doing what he loves the most
Look at those ears
Look at those ears

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