Bella Staffie DofB 09.17 Buntingford Herts

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Re: Bella Staffie DofB 09.17 Buntingford Herts

Post by D-Fen » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:48 pm

After two weeks in foster I am slowly starting to figure out the formula that is the enigma of the beautiful Bella Staffie. As Bella is starting to settle in to the home and come out of her shell a little each day she is showing me her needs & the support that she requires.

Bella is a beautiful 2yr old Staffie-X sighthound or Bull Lurcher with lots of puppy energy to burn. She loves long walks accross the fields on a retractable lead which allows her to trot at her own pace checking the vegetation for scents.

Bella loves playing with her toys, she will either vigorously chew them to work off anxiety or bring them to you to be tossed or tugged. She has also discovered that she can work off some puppy energy by scrabbling & scooting the larger nylon toys accross the hard kitchen floor or around in her basket. A separate stash of toys that are rotated in & out daily will keep Bella from getting bored and are also a great training aid for Bella.

Bella has been left home alone now for a single period of 3hrs30min with no issues, she was left after a 20min walk with a new toy stuffed with treats and the radio on. She was asleep in her basket upon my return and very excited to see me jumping up for fuss and licks.

I have had several visitors to the house this past week and Bella has greeted them all very politely at the door with a wagging tail and two legged leans asking for a head stoke, she then wanted to play bringing toys to them to be thrown or tugged and loved all the fuss that was given to her.

Bella is an anxious girl, from what I have observed this anxiety for the most part is caused by strange, unfamiliar & sudden noises. This can be difficult to deal with when out in public as you have no control over the sounds or behaviour of other people or their dogs. I have been talking constantly offering reassurance to Bella whilst out in public (much to the amusement of others) which does seem to help her some of the time. Once away from the noises of the street Bella relaxes very quickly and becomes so easy to walk. When relaxed with no distractions Bella will quite happily walk to heel on a short lead.

Bella would love a quiet home with no cats in a rural area or quiet town, with someone that is patient and understanding of her needs who can offer support when she needs it the most. Bella will need someone who is confident and vigilant behind the lead that can take her for long walks (she needs at least x1 1hr walk per day) preferably in a quiet low dog density area. Bella is still a pup and has so much more to learn and give which she is eager to do. Chilling out on a sofa with Bella tucked under your arm or curled in your lap is one of the best feelings ever.

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Re: Bella Staffie DofB 09.17 Buntingford Herts

Post by SarahW » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:07 pm

What a brilliant update. So helpful for potential homers to be able to read so much about Bella! Wonderful videos. Thanks D-fen!! thumbs.gif
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