BarnabyBear Shar Pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Dover Kent

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BarnabyBear Shar Pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Dover Kent

Post by xxlynne » Sun Oct 14, 2018 7:28 pm

Current Status: Homed
BarnabyBear's Story: BarnabyBear came from a low income family who struggled to feed him; one of his owners then died. His other owner was being evicted and had nowhere for Barnaby to go, and so decided to put him to sleep... but instead ended up signing him over to the dog warden to find a rescue place. Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place saving his life. BarnabyBear is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. BarnabyBear was in boarding kennels near Guildford whilst awaiting his new family. BarnabyBear had 1 week in foster in Reading mid November as an only dog.

If you are interested in rehoming one of our dogs, please complete our ONLINE HOMING QUESTIONNAIRE. It is always the first step in our rehoming process. Upon application, you must be ready to take in your new dog within seven days. For more detailed information, please see our Homing Process.

Please support our work and help our long stay dogs: Our minimum adoption donation is £175. This supports our continuing rescue work and is non-refundable. We exist solely due to the goodwill and donations of our supporters and volunteers. Our dogs need supportive families who will offer them patience, time and tolerance whilst they settle in their new homes. Our Rescue offers all our dogs back-up for life.

Please note: Dog laws have changed, with zero public tolerance, and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers. Our Rescue asks new owners to keep their dog on a lead in public spaces and manage and support its encounters with new dogs and people, so as not to place the dog's life at risk. Destruction and Control Orders are commonplace nowadays.
BarnabyBear's progress through our Rescue is below.
We work with our dogs, who often reveal a different picture and positive skills as they build trust.
Original Referral information:
05.09.18: A dog warden phoned me today as she’d taken in an urgent case, a staffy x boy , about 5/6yo, in very poor condition. She had had contact with this family before as they had been flooded out during the floods a couple of years ago, plus there had been noise complaints at the property before and as a dog lived there Environmental Health had asked her to be present. The family was father and teenage son on low income. The dog warden used to take them dog food as they’d been struggling for a while to look after BarnabyBear properly. The father died from cancer this year and the son is now being evicted. Neighbours had contacted dog warden and RSPCA because of seeing the dog looking out of the window all day looking emaciated and distressed. Dog warden went to see the son today and the son said he was going to have him put to sleep as he had nowhere for him once he was evicted. Dog warden persuaded him to sign BarnabyBear over to her. The poor dog cried as she drove away, distressed to be leaving his owner. Dog warden says that he is very underweight and ribby, and has a skin problem due to malnutrition. She has treated him with Advocate and will give him a special bath tomorrow.
05.10,18: Hi Lynne
We were wondering if you might now be in a position to please consider taking on BarnabyBear. You said perhaps around the middle of October.
Kind regards A S&S

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Re: BarnabyBear Sharp pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Pegmilly » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:39 am

Barnaby bear, a gentle, lost little soul at the moment. He was very easy to get ready for his walk, leaving the kennel block paying no attention to the other dogs. I needed to give him a cuddle so took him to the poets hut. Gave him lots of hugs, the last of my chicken, and just told him everything was going to be ok. He walks perfectly, no pulling, just slightly reluctant and a little nervous. Cannot fault barnaby bear - very special little soul. Xx.
Looking a little worried, bless him. X

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Re: BarnabyBear Sharp pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Gatwick Kenns

Post by nada.c » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:00 am

Barnaby is a special soul. I had the pleasure of walking him last week when he was at Guildford. Easy to harness and to walk past other dogs in the kennel block, and easy and playful in the paddock.

Barnaby seemed a little nervous about leaving kennels to go for a longer walk, but when he saw we were joining Luke (SR) and Rizzie (SR) and their walkers, he was really pleased! He was keen to keep them in his sight and enjoyed having them for company. He’s a lovely gentle dog angel13.gif]
We love walking our kennel dogs! If you'd like to volunteer too: ... tionnaire/

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Re: BarnabyBear Sharp pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Gatwick Kenns

Post by anne » Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:37 am

BarnabyBear is finding his feet and he enjoyed a long walk with me yesterday. Such a wonderful, friendly, easy going character, who walked beautifully alongside me, loose lead and very connected. He also has such good manners. He proved his calmness around other dogs when we met a Labrador on lead, who he said a polite hello to, and then 2 Labrador's off lead who he also greeted politely. He follows his polite greeting with a growly, huffy invitation to play, but we moved on as it was early days and I need to get to know him better. I am looking forward to more lovely walks with BarnabyBear and hoping he loses his worried looking expression as he settles.

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Re: BarnabyBear Sharp pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Gatwick Kenns

Post by RosC » Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:07 pm

BarnabyBear is a delightful little chap. He is so friendly and walks very nicely. We had a great walk on Saturday and he does not pull at all, just walks along taking in all the scents and smells. Loves a cuddle as well love4.gif

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Re: BarnabyBear Sharp pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Leeanne » Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:09 pm

What a lovely boy, very gentle and easy to harness. Once we were out we enjoyed a lovely walk Barnabybear doesn’t pull and is very connected during the walk, oh and does a beautiful sit and paw. I have to mention what a good boy he was, when a dog off lead came running up to us growling and barking, barnabybear had a couple of barks but didn’t really react to the dog that was snapping at his heels, so impressed by him not reacting. He’s such a beauty as well, he will really make the right family happy. love4.gif

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Re: BarnabyBear Sharp pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Guildford Kenns

Post by KrishaM » Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:13 pm

I had BarnabyBear for an overnight foster and he quickly became comfortable in the house. He seems to be housetrained as we didn't have any accidents in the house - yay!
He's a very friendly dog who will cuddle up with anyone.
Unbothered by the fireworks going off and other loud noises and was more than happy to chill on the couch whilst I made dinner and revised for my vet school exams.
He slept very well throughout the night and is a genuinely calm natured dog, but does have short bursts of energy to play with his toys every now and then.
He knows sit, paw and lie down and responds well to commands such as 'no' and 'bed'. He is good with food; doesn't scoff it down or show any signs of food related behavioural issues.
He will need someone who's willing to spoil him with long lasting doggy bones as he does love a good chew.
Unfortunately, BarnabyBear is still a skinny boy and he does have a skin condition which leaves him itchy and sore; he can get quite frustrated by the feeling. But, a balanced diet plan and some topical treatment from the vets should get him on the right road to becoming a chunky, care-free dog.
Anyone would be lucky to have him as a member of their family!
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BarnabyBear 2.jpg
BarnabyBear 3.jpg
BarnabyBear 4.jpg
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Re: BarnabyBear Shar Pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Guildford Kenns

Post by Fred R » Sat Nov 17, 2018 5:54 pm

Dear BarnabyBear has come up to Reading for a few days' of TLC. :newhere.gif:

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Re: BarnabyBear Shar Pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Reading Temp Foster

Post by xxlynne » Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:24 pm


Fred R
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Re: BarnabyBear Shar Pei x Staffie DofB ?2013 Reading Temp Foster

Post by Fred R » Sat Nov 17, 2018 9:47 pm

BarnabyBear looking regal and imposing. :cool.gif:
BarnabyBear relaxing but keeping an eye on me angel13.gif]
It's been a long day. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

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