King Staffie x EBT DofB 15.04.12 Swindon

Rescue Remedies dogs that have found their forever homes
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King Staffie x EBT DofB 15.04.12 Swindon

Post by xxlynne » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:51 am

Current Status: Homed
King's Story: King was found stray/abandoned and owner wouldn't pay the release fee within a Northern council pound so he was booked in to be put to sleep. Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place saving his life. King has lived with children two years and up, and is fine meeting dogs that are the same size or bigger, but can get a little over-fascinated with smaller dogs. King is neutered, chipped, and fully vaccinated. King was in boarding kennels near Guildford whilst awaiting his new family.

If you are interested in rehoming one of our dogs, please complete our ONLINE HOMING QUESTIONNAIRE. It is always the first step in our rehoming process. Upon application, you must be ready to take in your new dog within seven days. For more detailed information, please see our Homing Process.

Please support our work and help our long stay dogs: Our minimum adoption donation is £175. This supports our continuing rescue work and is non-refundable. We exist solely due to the goodwill and donations of our supporters and volunteers. Our dogs need supportive families who will offer them patience, time and tolerance whilst they settle in their new homes. Our Rescue offers all our dogs back-up for life.

Please note: Dog laws have changed, with zero public tolerance and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers. Our Rescue asks new owners to keep their dog on a lead in public spaces and manage and support its encounters with new dogs and people, so as not to place the dog's life at risk. Destruction and Control Orders are commonplace nowadays.
King's progress through our Rescue is below.
We work with our dogs, who often reveal a different picture and positive skills as they build trust.
Original Referral information:
08.07.18: Hi Lynne I was wondering if you would have space for this boy?
King is a 6yo EBT x SBT
Fine with dogs his size and bigger but not with small dogs, lived with children 2yo plus, really nice friendly boy, owner has surrendered him to the pound as she wouldn't pay release fee so he doesn't get the 7days so Put To Sleep date 9th July Sharonx

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Re: King Staffie x Bulldog DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Charlie » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:37 pm

Met handsome King today...
P1110869 (640x590).jpg
P1110864 (640x515).jpg
What a fun boy love4.gif

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Re: King Staffie x Bulldog DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by anne » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:21 pm

What a fantastic, friendly boy. King walked with Louise today and he walked nicely along on the lead, through the woodland and when Louise sat down with him in the grass, he posed nicely for the camera and then gave her a thorough face wash, twice! Must have missed a bit the first time. 0002.gif]

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Re: King Staffie x EBT DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Chapmania » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:28 pm

My first walk with King today and what an absolute pleasure. Such a friendly boy. Keen to be off out on his walk - complete with his toy! King walks really nicely and calmly with no pulling. We saw a deer while we were out- the same one twice, but King didn't react in anyway. A very laid back boy out and about despite it pouring with rain. He loves his treats and cuddles. Lovely boy love4.gif xx

Complete with prized toy!

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Re: King Staffie x EBT DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Elliesmum » Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:07 pm

What a smashing dog! I took King out today and thought he was very large and very strong so was very surprised at how calm he was and he walked like a real Gent. Absolute sweetheart. Very obedient and friendly. He paid no attention to other dogs we met. He loved a calm paddle in the stream with me, no excitement here even, like many of the dogs.

Video showing how calm King is to walk ... 047381575/
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Re: King Staffie x EBT DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by jonandsarah » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:14 pm

I walked King on Saturday, and yes, despite his quite tough looking appearance, he is a very sweet chap! He carried his beloved football around with him, and we even managed a bit of a lead-length kick around!

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Re: King Staffie x EBT DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by anne » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:07 pm

I do love King, he has a lot of character. He was shouting at me to take him out this morning but as soon as we got to the gate and he saw it was raining he tried to go back in. I told him we WERE going for a walk so we headed out, he did his wee and then tried to go back in again. Bless him he was decidedly unimpressed with walking in the rain. For the first half of the walk he lagged behind giving me looks which said 'you can't be serious!' As soon as we started heading back he was out in front, on a mission to back out of the rain. He does have a slightly tough look about him but I can confer with others that he is in fact, a big softie.

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Re: King Staffie x EBT DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Pegmilly » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:56 pm

It is testament to kings wonderful nature why he was chosen to help me introduce a new volunteer to walking our kennel dogs today. He was quite literally perfect - pulled a little to start but he was just happy to be out and about. We went for a lovely walk then had some off lead time in the paddock. He was goading me to try and take his ball - when I tried to get it, he ran off with it, cheeky boy. However, he happily swapped it for a treat. He may not have the sweetest of looks (he is handsome though), but he has the sweetest nature. Lovely boy - can’t fault him. Xx.

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Re: King Staffie x EBT DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Judy » Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:45 pm

I took King for a walk for the first time this afternoon, what a wonderfully friendly boy He is. Despite not knowing me he gave me such a friendly greeting. He was excited to be going out and was a bit strong to start with but soon settled down and walked at a good pace, stopping now and again for a good sniff at the new smells. King was no trouble getting in and out the kennel block, he didn't react to other dogs barking. This boy has such a lovely nature. love4.gif

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Re: King Staffie x EBT DofB 2012 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Hayleycakes » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:09 pm

Whilst dropping Stella back of at kennels on Monday evening I couldn't resist getting to know King a bit more, Ive had my eye on him for a little while now and there is something about him that draws me in.. so the lovely Debbie assisted me in a short parallel walk with him and Arnold and I cant tell you how well he did I felt that comfortable around him that we made our way to the paddock woo.gif] :goodjob.gif: he was soooo sooo good after the initial interest wore off they were both very relaxed and calm around each other.. If he isn't snapped up soon id love to have him come and stay when the time is right thumbs.gif
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