Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kennels

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Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kennels

Post by xxlynne » Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:41 pm

Current Status: Available

Buster's Story: Buster was found stray/abandoned and unclaimed within a council pound as an eight month old pup in 2016. Buster needed a Rescue that would keep him safe, and at the same time, work on his socialisation skills. Buster had run out of options when Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place in January 2017, saving his life. Buster is neutered, chipped, and fully vaccinated. Buster is in boarding kennels near Gatwick whilst awaiting his new family.

If you are interested in rehoming one of our dogs, please complete our ONLINE HOMING QUESTIONNAIRE. It is always the first step in our rehoming process. Upon application, you must be ready to take in your new dog within seven days. For more detailed information, please see our Homing Process.

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Please note: Dog laws have changed, with zero public tolerance and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers. Our Rescue asks new owners to keep their dog on a lead in public spaces and manage and support its encounters with new dogs and people, so as not to place the dog's life at risk. Destruction and Control Orders are commonplace nowadays.
Buster's progress through our Rescue is below.
We work with our dogs, who often reveal a different picture and positive skills as they build trust.
Original Referral information:
21.11.16: Hi Lynne, I know you don't know me but a couple of people have advised I contact you about a dog that I have been struggling with for months and I'm now running out of options for him. I run a well established rescue. I first started helping this pound when they kept rehoming dogs with no checks for £30 - its not in a good area - lancs and so many of these dogs ended up worse off and we had to step in to help. Since Ive been pound pulling for them I have got every dog out most into homes and their rehoming has stopped. The pound kennels are due to be under going major improvement work starting in January and I have a special boy that will have nowhere to go once this work starts.

Buster has been with us since June 16, he came in screaming on a pole at just 8 months old. God only knows what this pup had been through but he was a scared, very wreck. The wardens wanted him pts on day 8 but by day 5 he was coming round and I so wanted to give him a chance and luckily the kennel owner backed me. Buster wasn't easy, he's been the hardest dog we've had, he found it so hard to trust anyone but slowly he started to show us his true lovable puppy side. Buster is now bombproof with people he knows and a lovely comical boy. I even took him to the vets for vaccinations and he coped unbelievably well.

A Rescue offered to take several of our dogs and Buster was one of them, I fully explained what he came in like and they seemed unfazed. Less than 24hrs later I got a phone call to say they wanted to put him to sleep as he was flying at them all in his kennel. I told them I was coming to collect him and they advised against it saying he was dangerous. I could hear him before I saw him, 7 people standing at the kennel front and Buster in full self protection mode I shouted his name and instantly he calmed down, I got a lead on him and brought him back where he's been ever since.

I beat myself up daily about this boy, he has some problems, I know to move him is going to put him into total meltdown again. He's a baby and I just know in the right hands he'll get there, he loves us all so much as we do him, but he just can't stay here much longer. He feel so happy and safe here we moved him so he got a lot of traffic passed his kennel and he's no longer reactive to strangers, he looks to people for a treat......But away his comfort zone I don't know how he is going to be. I just need to know he's going somewhere that will give him time to show his true self, We can keep him until mid January I just need to know he has somewhere to go by then obviously he's not a dog we can send to emergency boarding.
Sorry for going on so much I just wanted you to understand him a little. Thanks for reading. Paula x

Buster came to us on the 24th Jan 2017.

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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by xxlynne » Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:45 pm

Buster arrived today after a 6 and a half hour journey with Chris his guardian angel. I was honoured to get a really lovely greeting as he emerged from the van. I think before he fully realised he had just entered a complete different part of his world! We went through to the paddock whilst Pip prepared a lovely big kennel for him with easy access to the paddock. We completed his chip details and he has a new collar with our disc on and he soon got over his nerves when I returned to meet him. Buster does a little fear grumble at his door but if he gets a warm greeting and not too much time to think about it, soon receives his visitors by gaining courage and showing a curiosity and need to meet and greet. Buster is positively affected by the welcoming of the voice also.

I'm sure Buster will do really well and make lots of friends over the next few weeks.

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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Charlie » Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:23 pm

Buster is doing really well with the change of accommodation :newhere.gif:
Despite his nerves he was happy for me to join him in his kennel but was not that comfortable with my suggestion of harness or lead so we reverted to Plan B & spent some time in the paddock - he had fun showing off his lurcher ancestry :dog_running-186.gif:
P1080694 (612x640).jpg
The only photo I have that is not a blur! Slowly slowly does it with this fast guy love4.gif

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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Chapmania » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:31 pm

Had the pleasure of meeting our new boy today. Wow! What a smasher. love4.gif As I walked past his kennel he jumped up with a very waggy tail. I stopped to give him a few sausages and then went on my way. Very slowly at this stage where Buster needs to learn that we mean him no harm and can build up trust. When I walked by a bit later after returning Clover to her kennel, Buster saw me and came running up wagging his tail again. Good job there were plenty of sausages to go round :D xx

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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Charlie » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:48 pm

I had a lovely welcome from Buster today :D
P1080726 (339x640).jpg
He has settled really well & we had some fun in the paddock 0028.gif
P1080740 (640x515).jpg
I was very honoured to receive kisses :smiley-gen132.gif:
P1080722 (640x480).jpg
After he made a big fuss at being left behind his best buddy Pip brought him to join Hunny for a walk thumbs.gif

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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Chrissy M » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:17 pm

The kennel girls at Gatwick are very good at making friends with the scared furries ! They are there all day, every day and we owe a lot to their love for our Dogs .....I look forward to giving him treats this week and trying out my squeaky voice on him ! :icon_barking_dog-116.gif: xx

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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Tim » Sun Feb 05, 2017 4:53 pm

Charlie was in the paddock with the lovely Buster this afternoon so I popped in there and took a photo or two.....

Even had time to take a short video before the battery failed

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Hasn't he a great stance.......
Very gentle when taking a treat
And who could resist those eyes.....
Despite it being wet and muddy it didn't stop Buster having a run around the paddock thumbs.gif
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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by Sarahk » Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:24 pm

I briefly met Buster in the paddock on Saturday afternoon - he loves running about ...
Lovely seeing him have such fun :D
0028.gif :dog_running-186.gif: 0028.gif :dog_running-186.gif:
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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by anne » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:26 pm

I had the very great pleasure of taking Buster for a walk today. I asked his best friend Pip to pop his harness on. Buster danced about with excitement while she did this - he was clearly excited at the prospect of a walk. Buster was happy for me to enter his kennel and clip on leads. Immediately we left the kennels Buster calmed right down and his nose went to the ground and he had a great time investigating all the smells. Louise joined us with Timmy Tim, who Buster acknowledged and he was clearly calm and comfortable having as his walking buddy. Buster was loving the chance to be out and about and stimulate his senses. He was a very busy boy with his nose. Buster relaxed during his walk, listened to me and took everything in his stride. We passed traffic including heavy lorries, a very noisy road sweeper truck, people, and another dog. Buster was a little nervous crossing the motorway on the bridge but he was happy to take reassurance and he bravely made it across. Buster is a magnificent dog with a lovely temperament who has obviously had a bad time and just needs gentle care to slowly build up his trust again.

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Re: Buster Lurcher x Shar Pei 15.04.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by anne » Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:45 pm

I spent nearly an hour, in the sunshine, out in the paddock with Buster this morning. I gave him the space to say hello in his own time. Eventually he did come up and say hello and slowly we became friends. Buster is a very beautiful soul. You can see the lurcher in him in those long elegant legs and in his bursts of energy, running joyfully around the paddock. He also has a soft friendly staffie side to him and he loved being scratched behind his ears or having a back rub. A couple of times while I was crouching down he came and put his paws up on my shoulders and nuzzled my head. He even retrieved a thrown tennis ball a few times, dropping it at my feet in a fly by. He is learning to play and enjoy company. Many times he went over to say hello to Missie in her kennel next to the paddock and wanted to play.

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