Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Ifield Crawley

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Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Ifield Crawley

Post by xxlynne » Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:06 am

Current Status: Homed
Trixie is Staffie of the month for June18
Trixie needs a supportive family to offer time and tolerance to allow their new dog to settle. Trixie needs gradual exposure to new situations; an active life style with her needs at the heart of her family. Trixie would enjoy a secure garden or an area where she can safely run off lead (or unused tennis court). She could possibly live with another dog. Trixie's pink on her nose will need to be covered with sun block in summer. NB Our Rescue asks owners to maintain dogs on lead in public spaces and manage encounters, as dog law changes place dog's lives at greater risk.

About Trixie: Trixie was found straying for 4 days and unclaimed. Trixie waited many months for a Rescue place. She has been neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. Trixie is currently in boarding Kennels near Broxbourne. Trixie has a cheeky personality but she listens and wants to please. She shared a kennel with her dear departed Graham, and is much happier matched with another dog. Trixie makes friends easily. She settled well within a home setting with an initial focus on housetraining that soon was accomplished after a long period in kennels. Trixie meets other dogs well and benefits from reassurance through her lead. Although initially keen on the lead settles into her handlers pace. Currently needs conscious introductions to strangers/visitors: She becomes desensitised to her own concerns when living with another dog. Very loving and so wants to please and is ever alert to her handler's command and reassurance.

Trixie is a black brindle and white Staffie cross. Her energy is settling as she matures and she is always friendly in her meeting. Trixie is happy to meet and trusts people in her kennel. She is a little apprehensive out in public but with more exposure to life she is settling and learning to anticipate welcoming gestures. Trixie isn't full of Tricks, she actually wants to be a really good girl and please her family.

Video: Trixie such a good girl
Video: Trixie in the Paddock

Visit Trixie's thread for daily updates, lots of pictures and videos. Please click to submit Online Application We will match you with a dog that suits your lifestyle, please remain open we successfully home 350 dogs per annum. We work fast to secure our dogs their loving homes.

***PLEASE HELP: We have to ask for £175 donation at the time of adoption, as we can't support so many dogs without funds. We have no state sponsorship and exist on the goodwill of the public and our supporters. Rescue Remedies offers their dogs back up for life.
trixie st.jpg
See Trixie's Thread Below. Watch her progress through our Rescue.
Original Referral Details: 15.4.14: Dear Lynne
We have another dog, Trixie, very similar looking to Suki but with a few little stripes of brindle on her haunches/hindlegs. She is not coping all that well in kennels. She is young and very sweet but does nervous barking in situations where she is fearful. Do you think you might be able to help her?!! She loves her walks and cuddles but the kennel situation makes her lay low on her belly looking worried. Please help!

26th April 2014: Hello everyone, Please let us know if you can offer any of these lovely stray dogs a space with you for re-homing! Trixie - is a young (18months) female staffy cross, in season at the moment, mostly black with a white nasal stripe and white on her chest, and a few streaks of brindle on her rump and thighs. She is a very sweet, loving girl. She was so pleased to see me yesterday she was literally giving me hugs in her kennel but she’s understandably a bit frightened and unhappy in this unnatural environment and would love to find her forever home as quickly as possible! I x Dog warden
Trixie comes on Friday into our care

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Re: Trixie Staffie x Boxer DOB 10.12 Brighton pound

Post by xxlynne » Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:19 am

27.5.14 Hello everyone

Just a gentle reminder that the lovely Trixie is still in our stray kennels

Trixie is a lovely female boxer cross staffy, she is a very young girl, just finished her first season, great ball player, black with a white nasal stripe and white on her chest, some streaks of brindle on her rump and thighs. She is a sweet, loving girl, a bit worried by being in kennels but happy, wiggly bottomed girl on her walks and in the pen with human company. She mixed really well for an hour with a potential adopter’s neutered male staffy x, but sadly, although they really liked her, they decided not to take on a second dog at the moment. She needs a home that can provide a secure garden and supervision. She was seen roaming for 2 days before she was caught by finder.
Thanks for taking time to read this and hope you can offer her a space.

Kind regards

End June: Hi Lynne we have been unable to place Trixie we have spayed her as suggested by yourself...can you take her now she has waited soo long[/color]

Trixie comes on Friday morning

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Re: Trixie Staffie x Boxer DOB 10.12 Chessington

Post by xxlynne » Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:06 pm

Trixie came into our care today and had a fun time running in the paddock. Trixie is an easy dog to be around and to fall deeply in love with.
Video: Trixie such a good girl

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Re: Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Chessington Kenns

Post by Sarahk » Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:04 pm

Fall in love with her you do, very quickly, a beautiful endearing and engaging girl :)

I met her at Gatwick, she came over to Godstone with me and enjoyed the paddock, then over to Chessington with Lynne, so she's had a tour of our kennels !!!

Here in the car, ohhhh she is soooo gorgeous :smiley-love014.gif:
And in the paddock at Godstone...
Her recall is so amazing and she is so connected to you, lovely lovely girl :smiley-love029.gif:
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Re: Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Chessington Kenns

Post by Tim » Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:10 pm

We met the adorable Trixie today - she was slightly nervous when I entered the kennel but within a minute or two I was getting my face washed :) She's a really friendly girl and certainly loved her cuddles and tummy tickles with Rachel
How alert do her eyes look...
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Re: Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Chessington Kenns

Post by SaraC » Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:09 pm

WITWOO!(I hate using that word, but it's honestly the reaction I had when I met Trixie on Saturday) She is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh, with a really striking colour on her back. Trixie is an incredibly sweet natured girlie, who loves human company and doesn't seem phased by other dogs from what I've seen of her. She is enthusiastic to see you, but not in an over the top way and is just so friendly. One of those dogs that you meet and you feel very relaxed around as you trust them instantly.

Trixie is an absolute gem; her eventual forever family will be very lucky to have her. :)

Here's a video of Trixie. Who couldn't LOVE that face!?
Video: Trixie in the Paddock

This photo needs a caption!!
Gorgeous girlie.

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Re: Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Godstone Kenns

Post by anne » Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:25 pm

Trixie was quite high energy until we left the kennels this morning and then she suddenly calmed right down and trotted round the field on a loose lead, enjoying all the smells, having some joyous rolls in the grass and of course stopping for cuddles and treats. She sits beautifully for treats. A truly lovely girl.

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Re: Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Godstone Kenns

Post by zoep56 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:17 pm

Trixie was my first walk a couple of weeks ago at Godstone. What a girl! Trixie was so excited to go out for a walk and I instantly loved her.

Trixie was very happy to be out and about and enjoyed taking in lots of smells as we walked. When walking past the horses and sheep, Trixie was very interested and wanted to jump in the field with them and play. When I called her name she responded and we carried on with our walk (good girl!).

Trixie walked nearby another dog being walked without any problems and as we got going was very calm. She was very engaged throughout the walk, taking in everything she could. She stopped for a good roll in the grass a couple of times too! When we came back we were lucky enough to sneak in the paddock. Trixie and I had a good run about and threw and chased after the ball until we both got tired. She is adorable and so playful, bending down lots in her 'come and chase me' pose.

Trixie is such a beautiful, friendly girl, and so photogenic! And here are some of the many photos I took of her...
2014-09-27 11.30.08.jpg
Looking at the sheep
2014-09-27 11.35.09-2.jpg
Having a roll around
2014-09-27 11.35.13-2.jpg
Such a cheeky face!
2014-09-27 11.59.01.jpg
Striking a pose
2014-09-27 11.59.03.jpg
2014-09-27 11.59.23.jpg
2014-09-27 12.07.33.jpg
2014-09-27 12.09.23.jpg
2014-09-27 12.10.13.jpg
Who could resist this face?!

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Re: Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Godstone Kenns

Post by anne » Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:16 pm

Trixie is such a playful, friendly gorgeous girl. What's not to love?
And look at those eyes.........

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Re: Trixie Staffie x DOB 10.12 Guildford Kenns

Post by MrsP » Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:18 pm

I met Trixie for the first time yesterday and had a lovely walk. She had the cutest nuzzle with Lara and was just a joy to behold. A very beautiful girl who reminds me of Mr Marley :smiley-love014.gif:

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