Tommy Staffie DofB June TBAss Gatwick Kenns

Please follow our dogs progress that are not ready for re homing.
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Re: Tommy Staffie DofB June TBAss Gatwick Kenns

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I walked Tommy today in the light rain. He didn’t mind getting wet and we had a lovely explore.
He loves his cuddles and was very well behaved when we met other dogs. I find him a dear little dog and I really enjoy walking him thumbs.gif

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Re: Tommy Staffie DofB June TBAss Gatwick Kenns

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Tommy has made new friends and he loves his walks. He is happy walking on his own but even happier with a canine companion. He does his very best, on his little legs, to keep up with the bigger dogs but he also finds the time to do lots of sniffing too. Tommy loves a cuddle before going out, (he's very soppy if the truth be told!) then once he is ready, we head out. Generally Tommy is happy to go anywhere, trotting along at quite a pace but stopping frequently to investigate smells along the way. It is difficult to get a photo of him while he is out because he is such a busy little chap.

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Re: Tommy Staffie DofB June TBAss Gatwick Kenns

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Karen was just off on Tommy's walk when I arrived today. I had to say hello and Tommy was keen to come over and give me a cuddle. He is an affectionate boy and has many fans who love him.
I have only walked him myself once since lockdown began due to being away although since back I always say hello but he is quite popular on a Saturday so it was lovely that he remembered me and wanted to come over and say hello before heading off with Karen. thumbs.gif

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