COVID 19 - Important information

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COVID 19 - Important information

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We would like to apologise that due to the overwhelming number of questionnaires coming in for our rescue dogs, we can only respond to those that we think we can match to one of our dogs. We are a small team of volunteers working for this rescue and since Covid 19 we admit we cannot cope with the enormous increase in demand. As a consequence if we do not contact you we are very sorry but we cannot give reasons and feedback if your application is not successful at this present time. Please do read our homing process before considering filling out a questionnaire.

COVID 19 : Rescueremedies (and Staffierescue and Terrierrescue) follow strict measures to ensure the Health & Safety of their volunteers, kennel staff and essential contact with fosterers and homers. Our processes are internet and telephone involved. Our homing team and admin. work from their homes. We use street view, videos, photos and vet checks instead of home checks. Once matched, you are focused on an essential walk to meet and assess the identified dog. Social distancing is enforced.

Our Rescue provides an essential societal service for homeless dogs. This need is acute as COVID 19 rampages our population. We remain active homing and fostering our dogs which enable us to help other dogs in dire need. Only apply if serious, open, not too prescriptive, are safety conscious and willing to travel for the essential homing meet (and also prepared to return our dog if it doesn’t work out). Only complete the homing questionnaire if ready NOW
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Re: COVID 19 - Important information

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Caring4canines Covid 19 Site rules

1. Bring your own leads and take them home and wash them before return
2. Don’t bring harnesses as you’ll leave your contamination on them
3. Wash your hands on arrival and throughout
4. PLEASE keep social distancing of 2 metres….. step backwards
5. Telephone rather than chat in person
6. Remember The Staff team are an exclusive work bubble

Kennels open 8am until 7 pm to spread numbers on site. Enjoy off peak times before 10 am and after 1 pm

Covid 19 is still with us More so!
It hasn’t gone away It wants you to forget
It is very contagious Don’t share cars
It is mutating, the more hosts its finds It loves crowds & chats


Protect each other

Remind each other
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Re: COVID 19 - Important information

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4.11.20: To all Rescue Remedies Volunteer Walkers:

In the spirit of Lockdown please let’s keep all social contacts to the minimum.
1. Public domain: Anyone or member of their family working in the public domain and therefore having multi interpersonal contact should not come on site for the duration of the lockdown. These people were asked to wear a mask continually on site up until now.
2. Staggered Times: Please take advantage of afternoons when it is quieter.
3. Bare minimum social conversations please: People are still being observed in long conversations within a metre distance.
4. Anyone with the exception of those living together observed in too close proximity outside of the Staff bubble will be challenged and may be asked not to walk for the remainder of lockdown, as they present a risk to themselves and others.

In the spirit of Lockdown please keep all social contact to a minimum. Each one of us should be acutely aware of the vulnerable contacts we have in our lives and also the risk factors we are exposing ourselves to in meeting people outside our household. Our dogs depend on our staff and volunteers and we need to all stay safe for them as well as ourselves and our loved ones. Thank you, together we can get through this!

The rules below still apply and worth another read
We have been watching developments carefully and have decided to make changes with respect to Covid 19 Virus's movement.

NEW WALKERS: We have stopped new Walker Tasters, Inductions and Supported Walks on a temporary basis and will keep this under review. We will complete all who have already started. New walker training involves strict site rules for hygiene and safety which we need people to familiarise themselves with and follow. We need to implement stronger measures to protect both staff and volunteers and these include the following:

The Staff team work as a 'Bubble' and keep their contacts outside of work to a minimum for the sake of our dogs. They need to be kept safe. Kennel staff need to work in a protected area. If you need to close or reopen dog neighbours’ pop holes or walk dogs inside kennel blocks communicate through the kennel kitchen window. The Staff will either assist or stand back to facilitate. Wear a mask if you need to go inside.

Please download the Covid 19 NHS App this will help track and trace.

Should not come on site and should be clear of any symptoms, as should their household members, for at least 7 days.

PUBLIC RISK: People working with potential or declared people with COVID 19. They should make a decision either not to visit the site, or to wear a mask when on site plus strict hand washing and social distancing. Please ensure there is minimal risk of transference of the virus.

Only one person at a time should be in this area and to help facilitate this the signing in board will be moved outside it.

Wash hands drill: On entry and throughout your visit or use the sanitizers around the site.

Do not dispose of gloves, masks, tissues or pooh bags on site please take them home with you or, in the case of pooh bags, put them in the red dog waste bins on Weatherhill Road. Personal items left strewn around will be lifted and kept for 1 week only then safely disposed of.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: If you have to meet other people on site keep your distance especially during conversation. Be conscious of maintaining safe distancing and step back if necessary and remind each other of the need to do so.
SHARING CARS: Is prolonged close contact with no household sharers: We do not recommend sharing cars for more than 10 minute journeys with windows open and wearing masks.

The love of our dogs constantly is beckoning for humans to come together for stroking or exchange of admiration: We see people meeting up around a dog and this is the GREAT risk on site. Please do not call a dog over when another person is walking them WAVE and walk on!

This will be adjusted further if more government restrictions come into play but we are an essential service so as with lock down will continue with care. Do not come for social contact be there for our dogs.

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