COVID 19 - Important information

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COVID 19 - Important information

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We would like to apologise that due to the overwhelming number of questionnaires coming in for our rescue dogs, we can only respond to those that we think we can match to one of our dogs. We are a small team of volunteers working for this rescue and since Covid 19 we admit we cannot cope with the enormous increase in demand. As a consequence if we do not contact you we are very sorry but we cannot give reasons and feedback if your application is not successful at this present time. Please do read our homing process before considering filling out a questionnaire.

COVID 19 : Rescueremedies (and Staffierescue and Terrierrescue) follow strict measures to ensure the Health & Safety of their volunteers, kennel staff and essential contact with fosterers and homers. Our processes are internet and telephone involved. Our homing team and admin. work from their homes. We use street view, videos, photos and vet checks instead of home checks. Once matched, you are focused on an essential walk to meet and assess the identified dog. Social distancing is enforced.

Our Rescue provides an essential societal service for homeless dogs. This need is acute as COVID 19 rampages our population. We remain active homing and fostering our dogs which enable us to help other dogs in dire need. Only apply if serious, open, not too prescriptive, are safety conscious and willing to travel for the essential homing meet (and also prepared to return our dog if it doesn’t work out). Only complete the homing questionnaire if ready NOW
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Re: COVID 19 - Important information

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Caring4canines Covid 19 Site rules

1. Bring your own leads and take them home and wash them before return
2. Don’t bring harnesses as you’ll leave your contamination on them
3. Wash your hands on arrival and throughout
4. PLEASE keep social distancing of 2 metres….. step backwards
5. Telephone rather than chat in person
6. Remember The Staff team are an exclusive work bubble

Kennels open 8am until 7 pm to spread numbers on site. Enjoy off peak times before 10 am and after 1 pm

Covid 19 is still with us More so!
It hasn’t gone away It wants you to forget
It is very contagious Don’t share cars
It is mutating, the more hosts its finds It loves crowds & chats


Protect each other

Remind each other

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