Helping to raise awareness

We’re always looking for ways to raise money and spread awareness, and welcome your ideas
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Helping to raise awareness

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Hello all.
I wasn't sure where to address this and couldn't find a contact email anywhere...

Some years ago, when living in the UK, I was fostering dogs with Staffie Rescue, and have since turned animal care into a part of my life and work, while traveling around europe. Now I have an animal-sitting service in Prague, where I currently live, and a website where clients can find information and contact me. As RR started it all, I have never forgotten the life-changing time I spent with RR dogs and the bonds we built despite their traumas.

Now I am expanding my site and trying to reach more people, not just for work opportunities but also in order to raise awareness of the rescue centers I've had the pleasure of volunteering for and their great people - and hopefully raise some funds for them.

I would like to include some RR materials and hopefully Lynne will remember me (it was a long time ago) and provide some brief feedback for my work with RR back in the UK. I would like to offer a means for my website visitors to make a donation to RR, perhaps purchase merchandise and see that RR is not just a random rescue site I found online but a center I actually worked with. It's important to provide legitimate information and show a genuine relationship.

So if anyone could help me to get this idea to Lynne or someone at the center with whom I could speak, that would be amazing.
I don't have any contact details now and I'm not able to send a PM to Lynne.

PS: If anyone is interested in helping with this effort or joining forces in some way, I would be very happy to discuss.
For the animals!

Thank you :)

In-home animal sitting and dog walking services in Prague, CZ.
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Re: Helping to raise awareness

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Hello, can you drop an email to me with your details and we can talk things through
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