Charity collection boxes

We’re always looking for ways to raise money and spread awareness, and welcome your ideas
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Charity collection boxes

Post by Jojokate »

Does anyone know if RR has collection boxes?
A local pet shop is keen to help us and have one in his shop?
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Re: Charity collection boxes

Post by MandaTK »

I have one but it's a bucket that has a lid to pop money in is that any good x it is an r r one x message me on facebook x

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Re: Charity collection boxes

Post by Rob & Felicity »


We have been walking with RR at Gatwick for coming up to two months now and fostering little Quinton when we can.

We’d love to help more and I’m keen to see if our local vets and pet shop will put a collection pot on the counter.

Are there any pots available or I am happy to purchase? Also wondered if there were any leaflets or posters explaining who RR are? If not I’m happy to put some together for printing, with sign off on the copy from Lynne/whoever needs to do this!

Please let me know and I will get to it :)


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