Fundraiser has started phenomenally

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Fundraiser has started phenomenally

Post by Sarahk »

Our first weekend supporting the Santa Paws fundraiser at PAH in Redhill - the team there supported by our volunteers and some of our doggies had a superb start with over £1000 raised already thumbs.gif
The team have a target of £12k for this campaign and 50% will come straight to RR in January so it will have such an important impact for us.

If you can support with. Couple of hours in store please see the Volunteers needed thread above for details.
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Re: Fundraiser has started phenomenally

Post by Weebs »

Hi all. This might seem a no-brainer and a very obvious thing to do - wear Rescue Remedies clothing (if you have any). Yesterday I was wearing civvies but would have felt a lot more confident if I had been wearing my Rescue Remedies polo-shirt as a "uniform". (Mine had got a tad muddy from walking earlier in the day and hadn't brought my spare). Just a suggestion.

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