Buzz Lurcher x Collie? DofB 03.2015 Bromley Kent

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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by anne »

Buzz had a social walk with Buster this morning and he did really well. He was keen to walk in front and lead the way, with Buster and I behind. Most of the time Buzz walked with a loose lead and ignored Buster but if we got a little too close he would bark and/or bounce a little but with a quick word from Louise he was quickly focussed back on his walk. He just needs his space and we were pushing our luck and testing his comfortable distance in the video. Most of the time he didn't even need to be told, he just looked and then turned back to his walk. You can see clearly in the video how easily he calms and walks on.

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After his walk he was happy to get cuddles in the car park. First from Eddie, then from Louise.

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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Gatwick Kenns

Post by chloe_stockwell »

Buzz was my first walk of the day in the hot weather, and he was well behaved on his shady stroll! Before it got too hot, we managed about 40 minutes. I attempted a stream visit but he wasnt very fussed about having a dip!

Buzz can get a bit noisy around other dogs but he is very manageable. I'm not the strongest of people and I was easily able to walk him past on a short lead.

He is also soooo very affectionate and he gives some great cuddles. I was bending over in his kennel to move his bowl out the way of the door and he decided to crawl between my legs!

He's definitely a character and will give a lot of love to a new family. He just needs a little bit of confidence building around other dogs :)

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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Guildford Kenns

Post by Jojo18 »

What a fabulous boy !!
He walked really well in his new kennel environment and spent the whole time head down scenting . When he's not busy sniffing and scenting everything in sight he stops for cuddles and a nudge against the legs if your distracted to keep those cuddles coming !
He clearly loves to be loved ! A few excited zoomies and back to more cuddling.
He's a gentle soul with the most fabulous of coats .

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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Guildford Kenns

Post by andyrols »

Buzz was quite easy to harness and get out from the kennels as he appears uninterested in his fellow kennel mates. Strangely he doesn’t seem to have a problem with humans around the kennel environment either. Maybe that's down to having an environment he trusts.
However, he is reactive to traffic, although with constant reassurance with each passing car he coped very well. Less so on a narrow footpath when he met a very friendly passerby so needs care around strangers.
I took him to the various car parks within easy walking distance as they provide both space and quiet and he proved himself to be a very loving dog, walking calmly by my side and enjoying cuddles on the bench.
Would need an experienced owner and time but I believe there is a beautiful dog in there waiting to be discovered – you will have a loving companion for life!

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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Guildford Kenns

Post by Shay_1 »

BUZZZZZY you are a dream to be around, you are SUCH A SOFTIEEEEEE!!

You give the best cuddles and loves to nestle in and properly cuddle you, I love coming to have cuddles with you in the paddock as you love it, buzz loves being brushed and sit patiently while you brush him. He is SO funny when he plays a lot by himself, chucking it up in the air and playing with the ball or teddy by himself, has me in stitches!!!
You are one very lucky boy, and you are the best to have as a chill out buddy, chillin on a patch of grass, stroking your head and how soft and gentle you are as you are of course collie X Lurcher. The zoomies you do are so fast and incredible I wonder if you actually get dizzy, as long as your happy pal,! which you certainly are!!

Was lovely to go for a walk with you, you loveeed the water and did many round zoomies and got very happy and was jumping about making splashes and getting me wet. All I can say about you buzz is you are one VERY affectionate and adorable pooch, you are so easy to harness and once you have got calmed since you know your going for a walkies you stand patiently.
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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Guildford Kenns

Post by Beccastj »

Buzz dropped in to my house for a couple of hours. He was perfect in the car and seemed to enjoy the journey.

As he was only at home for a couple of hours and hasn't been in a home since he came to the rescue in May, he was quite excited. I think he must have a fair bit of collie in him, as he has the fluffy ears and the collie way of leaning into you for affection. He is super connected to people and just wants to hang out with them. My friend said he is a dog that will provide endless funny videos as he has such personality. He seems relatively young and needs a bit more training, but he's clever and loves his treats, which he buried down the side of the dog bed in my kitchen – I felt sad when I found them after delivering him back to kennels.

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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Guildford Kenns

Post by Beth Crawley »

I had the pleasure of spending time with Buzz on Sunday. Play in the paddock followed by a short walk. Buzz did some great zombies, loved splashing in the pool and chasing tennis balls. He was easy to harness and walk but a bit anxious walking along the road when cars came past from behind us so he needed some calming words, but he was very easy to manage through this. We didn't meet any dogs but we did pass some walkers and although interested to say hello he didn't pull. On our walk he seemed to enjoy investigating all the smells he came across which made for a lovely calm stroll. Buzz is really lovely and will make someone a very loving and fun companion.

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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Guildford Kenns

Post by Martine wsstle »

Met buzz for the first time yesterday wss very happy to see me harness well walked passed kennels mates with some calming words.
Buzz walks well hes a baby still and needs some reassurance about the outside world and looks to his walker gor this.
We must have met evrryting poss yesterday bikes runners walker boats you name it buzz can become unsure and anxious and his way of dealing with it is to bark and stand on his back legs but with reassuesnce and patience buzz will become more confident just hold him close and talk to him. We spent time at the river just watching life go passed so he could rake it all in hes a lovely boy whoever homes him he will need some training and patience is key hes young

Thanks buzz see you soon

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Re: Buzz Lurcher DofB 03.15 Guildford Kenns

Post by LindaS »

Buzz's house training is very much intact and on taking him out of the kennel he proceeded to go for a VERY long wee - completely ignoring all the shouting of his fellow neighbours and given he is close to the end of the block he even walked slowly down the grass area, no rush at all - Mr Cool. We went to the paddock and Buzz had me smiling a fair few times; he'd go into the paddling pool, then run up to you happily leaned in for cuddles, thus you got wet, he repeated this a fair few times, even progressing to paws onto your chest (I was sitting at that point). He loved the human walker attention. He played fetch very gently and let you have the toy to throw to start all again. Very attentive and gentle taking food.

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Re: Buzz Lurcher 03.15 West Norwood

Post by MrsP »

(Since returned)

Buzz went home today with Henry, Helen and his new best bud Catherine.

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