How to pay in the money you’ve raised and donate food & other supplies
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What are the true costs associated with rescue? How can you help our dogs become healthy and ready for their forever homes?

We set up our Rescue in 2003, from small beginnings. Since then, we have worked hard to build a positive reputation as an ethical Rescue.

Our Rescue's main expenditure lies in housing dogs in boarding kennels; this costs our rescue at least £8.00 per dog, per day. That's a minimum of £56.00 per week, per dog. We regularly house at least 90 dogs in boarding kennels at any given time.

The rate at which dogs have been dumped at vets and on the streets has not slowed. Dogs are still filling UK pounds. Councils are only required to give a statutory minimum of seven days for owners to reclaim impounded dogs; they are putting dogs to sleep more readily to cut their costs, as their budgets have become more and more tightly squeezed. We have spoken to dog wardens who are in tears, begging for a rescue place. They offer their own money to support us, as they know that if they put their dog in our care, it will be safe. We set up our dogs for life, and take the most needy 'death row' dogs and turn their fortunes around.

Our hearts are big. We have strong ethics and high standards. We are experts on Terriers and Staffies - and they need us the most. We make no apologies for helping Staffies: the vast majority have very sweet temperaments. We also rescue 'working type' Terriers that many individuals just don't understand.

Any donations we receive go straight to pay vet and kennel bills. Our minimum adoption donation of £175.00 hardly covers our neutering, vaccination, and microchipping costs. Some of our rescue dogs need much more vet care. We believe rehoming vaccinated, chipped and neutered dogs is important. All our dogs are vet checked, and some undergo long-term veterinary care.

All Rescue Remedies staff are Volunteers. None of us take salaries, and our staff administration costs are low. So all donations directly benefit our dogs!

We need your emotional and financial help. All rescues are struggling. As a small rescue, we don't have big benefactors behind us. We live under great financial pressure and continue to rescue more dogs than perhaps we should. Supporters donate because they can trust us. So we survive, as do our dogs.

Donations can be made in the following ways. Every penny will be gratefully received.

Bank Transfer Payments Online:
You can set-up a regular STANDING ORDER or make a one-off payment with your bank, by using the Rescue Remedies account information. With this method, no charges are made to us or you.

By PayPal:
Make a one-off donation via PayPal as a PayPal member, or with your credit card! PAYPAL DONATIONS PAGE. Please mention 'friends and family' on your donation.

Cheques made payable to 'Rescue Remedies':
email enquiries@rescueremedies.co.uk to ask where to send your cheque.

If you qualify, please don't forget to complete a Gift Aid Declaration.

Just look at our beautiful dogs... We can't save them without you! Our future rescue dogs also deserve to stay alive.

Our dogs thank you, and our Volunteers do too!

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