IMPORTANT - Gift Aid....

How to pay in the money you’ve raised and donate food & other supplies
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IMPORTANT - Gift Aid....

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Rescue Remedies became a registered charity Company No - 7410743 Registered Charity No 1139407 in October 2010. We are able to reclaim Gift Aid on any donations given to us by persons paying tax. This included Adoption donations. Gift Aid increases the value of donations to charities by allowing them to reclaim 25% on your gift.

If you have very kindly given us a donation that qualifies for Gift Aid, we need you to complete a gift-aid declaration. For your records, please print the form before submitting it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. As you know we are all volunteers and no one takes a wage or claims expenses so every penny goes directly to helping homeless dogs.

With many thanks

N.B. Higher rate tax payers: You can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax 40 and/or 50 per cent and the basic rate of tax 20 per cent on the total 'gross' value of your donation to the charity. Find out more details at HMRC Gift Aid info

Click here for our forms


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