Would you like to Volunteer Foster for us? The process is explained here and includes a link to our Fostering Questionnaire. We need Volunteer Dog Walkers too! Find more details here!
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Our Dogs Need You!

While most dogs who have a home of their own can expect at least one or two walks per day, ours are lucky if they get two walks per week. Getting out of their kennels for even half an hour each day means so much to our dogs - and they will love you for it! We rely on our Volunteer Walkers to tell potential adopters all about our dogs on each dog's personal Forum thread. If you are interested in walking our dogs, please fill in our Volunteer Dog Walker Questionnaire. Dog walkers must be 18 and older. Our kennel locations are near Broxbourne, Gatwick and Guildford.

We need short and long-term Fosterers who can help recuperating dogs or help our Oldies or sensitive dogs who aren't comfortable in a kennel environment. All our Fosterers help show prospective adopters how our dogs might fit into a forever home by posting photos and updates on our Forum. Our fostering options are below.

An excellent choice for those who’ve always wanted a dog, but due to work commitments find themselves unable to adopt. It gives our dogs valuable time away from kennels in a home environment and is incredibly rewarding for their Fosterers. Waking up in a warm home is paradise for our dogs, as is having someone to cuddle up to and make a fuss of them for the weekend.

If you're planning on staying at home for Christmas or Easter, or you are having a 'Staycation' at any other time of the year, and can give a dog time out from kennels for a week or two, please consider holiday fostering!

All of our entire dogs are neutered shortly after being rescued. They need at least three days to recover from this major operation. Our dogs recuperate much better in a home environment than they would in kennels.

All the joys of weekend fostering but multiplied! Some of our dogs wait longer for their forever homes. They need Fosterers who can commit to giving them a long-term foster home whilst they wait for their forever homes. Our fosterers are the backbone of our rescue. They ensure a stress-free move from one home to another for our dogs, and free up valuable kennel spaces so we can save more dogs who are in danger of being put to sleep.

We are sometimes asked to help a bitch who is about to give birth or who already has young pups. These dogs cannot be cared for in rescue kennels, and foster homes are hard to find for these special needs dogs. Please register your availability if you will be able to assist us at a future date. When we call on you, our need will be urgent and real!

If you choose to foster, we will match a dog to your experience and personal circumstances. Some of our dogs are ideal for first time Fosterers, while others may be more challenging, and in need of extra help and reassurance. Our back-up is always available for you should you need any help or advice. Fosterers must be 18 and older. We Home Check our Foster homes. If you are ready to give a dog a loving foster home, please fill in our Rescue Remedies Fostering Questionnaire.

It's free to join our forum! For more information about fostering, please see our Fostering Sub-Forum.

We know there are many Volunteering options out there. Thank you for considering Rescue Remedies!

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Post by xxlynne » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:45 pm

Please, any family thinking of fostering for the first time, or coming back to us to help one of our homeless dogs: open your heart, and allow us to suggest the right dog for your circumstances. If you can foster, be open: this is the best way to support our dogs and our Rescue.

Our gratitude, as ever, to all our fosterers who have supported our foster dogs long term whilst we search for the right home for each of them.