Dog Walkers Needed!

Would you like to Volunteer Foster for us? The process is explained here and includes a link to our Fostering Questionnaire. We need Volunteer Dog Walkers too! Find more details here!
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Re: Dog Walkers Needed!

Post by MrsP »

Guildford is currently having a pause on New Walker inductions. Apologies to those excited to help, normal service will resume soon :thanks.gif:

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Re: Dog Walkers Needed!

Post by 1KNine »

I see Guildford has "paws" on accepting new dog walkers :D

Hope to hear you are back up and running/walking soon.

Also available for admin stuff if you need help in that area.


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Re: Dog Walkers Needed!

Post by Roorachael »

I've submitted a walking form for Guildford and I was wondering if I should have got any kind of automatic response? I submitted it a week ago and am just wanting to be sure that you received it!! Obviously, no rush as I know you're busy!


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Re: Dog Walkers Needed!

Post by Sarahk »

Hi there, thanks for following up, we did receive your form so the Guildford team will be in touch shortly, thanks for your patience :D
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Re: Dog Walkers Needed!

Post by KathrynG »

Hi there,
I filled out a volunteering form today to do dog walking from your Gatwick kennel.
Looking forward to hearing from you and helping out soon!
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Best wishes

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Re: Dog Walkers Needed!

Post by renatatlek »


I sent a form about volunteering at Gatwick kennel (dog walking) some time ago (my email is If it's still OK to volunteer, please let me know. I would love to help out!

Thank you!



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