Dog Tags and Microchips

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Dog Tags and Microchips

Post by Rescue Remedies » Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:21 pm

Your dog should continue to wear its Rescue Remedies tag until your own tag arrives. You are welcome to keep both tags on the dog's collar, but if you no longer need our tag, please post it back to us.

Para below from Dogs Trust website - legal section:
The Control of Dogs Order 1992 says that all dogs must wear a collar with the owner’s name and address written on it, or on a disc attached to it, when in a public place. The telephone number of the owners should also be displayed. Any dog seen without a collar in public may be seized by the local authority and treated as a stray. The person in charge of the dog and/or the owner of the dog will/may be fined or and prosecuted.

By law, all dogs must be microchipped and carry a tag/disc on their collar with their owner's up-to-date contact information. Ideally, that contact info should include a mobile phone number. Get a pressed disc, not an engraved one, as engraving can wear away with time. Do not put your pet's name on the tag. Only include your address, mobile, and landline numbers. If the dog regularly stays with family/friends while you are away, consider buying another tag with their details on it in case the dog gets lost whilst under their care.

Please note, that if a dog is found stray, and is not wearing a disc, dog wardens will take the dog straight to local authority kennels rather than attempting to contact the owner. Once tracked, the owner will then be charged a reclaim fee. If the dog is wearing its collar and tag, the warden may make contact and take the dog back to its owner. If there is no phone number on the tag, the dog's owner will be forced to call the dog collection service, and the owner will have to pay a hefty retrieval fee - usually over £100 for the first day; the fee grows every day after the lost day until the reclaim date. Many dogs are abandoned and put to sleep by councils because their owners cannot afford the reclaim fee.

Our advice is to buy two tags. That way, if the dog manages to lose the first one (which dogs always seems to do without fail), you have a spare to put on immediately!