Glynis Shar Pei DofB ?2010 - 15.08.19

In loving memory ...
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Re: Glynis Shar Pei DofB ?2010 - 15.08.19

Post by Chapmania »

It was such a shock to hear of the sudden passing of Glynis. My heart goes out to Jessica. Thank you for offering our special girl a forever home. Glynis did not have the best of lives but she was so loved at RR and indeed flourished in her new home with a mum who loved her. Life can be so cruel at times. At least Glynis had a loving home and was happy thanks to Jessica. I am so saddened it could not have been for longer. Run free over Rainbow Bridge Glynis love4.gif xxxx
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Re: Glynis Shar Pei DofB ?2010 - 15.08.19

Post by Cobbtastic »

It's now been one year since Glynis left to run free over the rainbow bridge. Ever a fighter, she didn't let on how much pain she'd been feeling until the very end. It still brings me to tears when I think of our last night together as I slept on the floor next to her as she'd been unwell that day. She was surrounded by so much love as she passed and my heart will always wear the paw prints left by her.

I'm forever thankful to Lynne, Luisa, Kate and all at Rescue Remedies for bringing Glynis and I together. I just wish it could have been for longer.

Love and miss you Queen Glynis xoxo
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Re: Glynis Shar Pei DofB ?2010 - 15.08.19

Post by Elliesmum »

Thanks to you, Glynnis passed away in a home, being loved. I'm sorry too, that you had such a short time together, that was very sad. I often think of Glynnis Heart fill with love.gif]
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Re: Glynis Shar Pei DofB ?2010 - 15.08.19

Post by KateM17 »

I think of Glynis often and you were both in my thoughts today. Glynis was one special girl, and like so many other volunteers I was able to spend time with Glynis until her very special home came along. Gorgeous Glynis meant a lot to all of us at RR, and being part of the homing team and watching as she drove off with Jess, was a really happy day! I too wish that you had more time with her, but Glynis knew she was loved. Thank you Jess, for making her story a successful one of finding happiness in a loving home as Queen Glynis. Glynis touched so many of our hearts and she definitely has a special place in mine also. Big hugs xxxxxxx
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Re: Glynis Shar Pei DofB ?2010 - 15.08.19

Post by Jojokate »

Yes Glynis touched a lot of hearts .
She knew she was loved x
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Re: Glynis Shar Pei DofB ?2010 - 15.08.19

Post by Jan Case »

Will never forget Glynis, such a gentle soul
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Re: Glynis Shar Pei DofB ?2010 - 15.08.19

Post by heleny »

Glynis was so absolutely special in that she touched the hearts of all the walkers at RR. I can't walk along a certain path in the woods without thinking of my walks there with her and seeing her in my mind's eye ambling along beside me. Hers was a beautiful soul and I am so glad she found you.
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