Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

In loving memory ...
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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by Dani »

Oh no,very sad to hear about uncle Albert.A wonderful dog .Thoughts are with Mandy and Mike and the lovely China.Also thankyou for giving Albert his forever home.xxx

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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by anne »

Uncle Albert was a special soul who endeared himself to all who were fortunate to meet him. The few walks I got to share with him were lovely, Albert just being a gentle, calming, adorable companion. I am sure his amazing family who gave him such a wonderful life for the last couple of years will be missing him so very much. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by Sarahk »

So sad but at the same time so delighted that dear Uncle Albert knew such deep love and happiness - I remember my walks with him when he came to us, I've just looked back, I called him a gentle and well mannered gent, he truly was a gentleman of staffies and we all remember him so fondly and to have been able to keep up with him having gone home to the lovely Mandy and Mike has been a joyous journey for us all even more so when the lovely Chyna joined his family love4.gif

Thankyou Mike, Mandy and Chyna for loving this boy so and making all his dreams come true xxx

Love to you all at this sad time xxx
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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by staffylevi »

Such sad news... what a wonderful few years you gave to this special boy. A stable home, love in abundance and, a best friend in Chyna. Big hugs to you all. Rest in peace Uncle Albert. xxx icon_e_sad.gif
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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by MandaTK »

Mandy, Mike and Chyna thank you so so much for giving the true darling beautiful Uncle Albert the very best home and all the deepest love in the world. He became everyones favourite who walked and met him and we were all over the moon when he went home with you and then dear Chyna joined him. Yes how true Sarah that Uncle Albert was a true gent. I am so so sad for you all and have many many tears since talking with you. My heart goes out to you but hope that now Uncle Albert is running free without pain over rainbow bridge joining all his pals,my girls were waiting for him too. Much love to you all and a special hug to Chyna. Thank you for loving him so much. smiley-sad010.gif xxxxxxx

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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by sweetpea »

Run free Uncle Albert whole again .... [cry.gif]
Huge hugs for mandy , mike and chyna ....thank you both for looking after and loving this older boy as you did ... love4.gif love4.gif

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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by Elliesmum »

Oh how terribly sad to hear this news. Uncle Albert was a legend and it was so lovely to see Chyna settled with him. My thoughts are with you as I know how difficult this time is. Thank you for giving him such a wonderful home.
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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by LindaS »

Uncle Albert was so well loved by you all, you gave him the best years and he loved you back tenfold. The words legend and gent explain it so well. Hugs to you, Mike and Chyna during this hard time xx

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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by lucyloo »

So sorry Mandy and Mike. It's unbearable. Sending you a virtual hug from Suzanne and kiss from Hector xxx

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Re: Uncle Albert Staffie DOB 2005 - 2018

Post by nada.c »

Mandy and Mike - I’m so sorry for your loss. Uncle Albert knew love, family and home with you and Chyna xxx
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