Jasmine Staffie DofB ?2013 - Early 2021

In loving memory ...
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Re: Jasmine Staffie DofB ?2013 Burghfield Common Berks

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Wonderful news :smiley-bounce016.gi: thumbs.gif
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Re: Jasmine Staffie DofB ?2013 - Early 2021

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Remember the late meeting when Mark and Laura arrived to do a cats test with our dogs. Jasmine caught their hearts and it was with admiration I waved them off knowing Jasmine had a wonderful home.

Sad to hear Jasmine only had a few years but enough for cement their love for Rescuing and also to welcome their baby daughter in with a doggie friend.

We are grateful Larua and mark returned to us and offer Dakota a Cane Corsa (Italian Mastiff) pup her forever home with her being introduced to the cats and their toddler and completing their family again. Jasmine will be smiling...
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Re: Jasmine Staffie DofB ?2013 - Early 2021

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It's so sad Jasmine was lost far too soon, but in your grief you found room for Dakota, and that's wonderful, thank you :havefun.gif:
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Re: Jasmine Staffie DofB ?2013 - Early 2021

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It has taken a while for us to find the right words for this post, whilst we continue to grieve the monumental loss of our beautiful Jasmine.

As you all know, we adopted Jasmine in 2018 and she swiftly became our entire world. Despite everything she had suffered in her short life, Jasmine was the most loving and gentle character. Just a few weeks after we adopted her, she was 'bridesmaid' at our wedding. She spent the day being fussed over and pampered by every guest - and she was in her element receiving an abundance of tummy tickles!

She enjoyed holidays around the UK, staying in different cottages and taking trips to the beach. We don't know if she had ever even seen the sea before, but she was so excited by every coastal walk. But as much as she loved her holidays, Jasmine truly loved her home. She was happiest curled up on a cosy bed in front of the fire, or lying in the garden worshipping the sunshine.

As for her favourite person, whilst she loved the two of us, Jasmine met her soulmate when our daughter was born last year. They were the very best of friends, and we are devastated that our little girl is too young to remember the bond they shared.

Jasmine's time with us was filled with so many moments of joy, but she also had many health scares. She had multiple cancerous tumours removed during her 2 years with us and whilst she recovered well each time, she was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour in February this year. She passed away just 2 weeks later.

The hole she has left in our lives is enormous, but we always maintained that when the time was right, Jasmine would send another rescue dog our way. So when we adopted the lovely Dakota - renamed 'Coco' - 4 weeks ago, we knew she would be the perfect fit for our family. She is settling in so well, and we all adore her - we will update Coco's feed separately soon.

We are so grateful to Rescue Remedies for sending two beautiful dogs our way.
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Re: Jasmine Staffie DofB ?2013 - Early 2021

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What a wonderful tribute to your girl ...what a wonderful life she had with you .... love4.gif
Thank you for rescuing another hound in need ....lots of love to you all Kiss of love.gif
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Re: Jasmine Staffie DofB ?2013 - Early 2021

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What wonderful words you wrote about Jasmine. I feel so much for you all.

So grateful you have given another wonderful girl he home. What a tribute to Jasmine. xxx
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