Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 - 11.11.20

In loving memory ...
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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 Camden NW London

Post by Polpat »

I have just read through your update and am so sorry that Lizzie has left you and understand how heart broken you must be. It is obvious that you gave Lizzie the most wonderful home and your care and compassion for her shines through your post. You were clearly so completely attuned to her well being and showed such persistence in getting the very best care. How sad that in the end, the treatment wasnt successful but you gave her the very best years of her life and hopefully you will get some comfort from that. Thank you for loving her.
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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 Camden NW London

Post by BandK »

Hi Polpat,

I am heartbroken, I keep bursting into tears and wondering what I could have done differently and if I could have saved her. But logically I know that there wasn't, the surgeon said as much but it's still hard because the bottom line is she's not here and I really wish she was.

I just read through her thread again and remembered doing it 4 years ago before she came to live here.
I remember being concerned about her interaction with other dogs and overall safety.
In the end though, she made up her own mind to let go of whatever trauma caused her to be reactive and became incredibly playful.

I can't resist posting another video which is typical of the way she was with her friends....

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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 Camden NW London

Post by heleny »

I feel so heartbroken for you. You will have to re-build your life around that Lizzie shaped hole and it will be tough. How amazing though that she had such a wonderful life and that she was so loved by you. You gave her all the love, comfort and support she needed and when it was her time to go you made the best possible decision. The time they spend with us is never enough. I send you strength and hugs.
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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 Camden NW London

Post by Luella »

So so sorry to hear the news. Just try & take comfort from knowing you gave Lizzie a wonderful life & she knew she was loved right until the end.
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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 Camden NW London

Post by MrsP »

I remember Lizzie very well, such a beautiful and lovely natured girl. I'm so sorry you're without her, thank you for loving her so much xxxxx
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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 Camden NW London

Post by mandyandmike »

I am so sorry to hear this sad news about beautiful Lizzie. I have very fond memories of walking her at Guildford, she was always very popular with all the walkers. Losing a beloved companion is devastating and my heart goes out to you. xx
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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 Camden NW London

Post by BandK »

Lizzie had a huge fan club in Regents Park, I know every dog owner thinks their dog is popular or special but Lizzie is the 5th rescue dog i've had in my life and I've been around other dogs as long as I can remember. However there was something unique about her. she seemed to have a greater instinct and keen intellect for so many things.
She knew exactly how to play with big dogs, and how to be gentle yet encouraging to puppies. Oh and of course she knew exactly how to wrap human beings around her little paws.
But she also brought people together, literally! While sitting in the park on numerous summer evenings she would wander off and check on people she knew (and not just searching for treats either) she would go up to her friends, sniff their ears if they were sitting down, nudge them with her nose and and then move on to the next person.

I've lost count of the number of people who have been texting me over the last couple of weeks saying thank you to Lizzie for being their dogs first friend in the park. She behaved like a kindergarten teacher, educating, protecting and keeping the kids in line. My fondest memories of her are with her puppy friends. Even as they grew, got older and got bigger they all treated her with great affection.

One of which was a doberman called Rex. Lizzie played with him from the moment he arrived in the park at 3 months old and tiny.
She was incredibly gentle with him and gave him confidence by deliberately 'losing' i.e. when he jumped at her she would back off as if she was being pushed around.
Then as he grew in size and confidence she would begin to stand her ground and make it more difficult for him, teaching him all the while.
Then she introduced him to some of her other friends and helped him socialise. This was all about 18 months ago.
Rex's owners weren't around much during the winter and then the lockdown so we didn't see him for almost a year, but about 2 months ago a huge dog suddenly appeared from nowhere.

It was Rex. He had grown into a huge doberman and absolutely towered over Lizzie.
Apparently he weighed over 50kg (to Lizzie's 24kg) For a moment I was a little nervous in case Lizzie didn't recognise him due to her eyesight issues.
I need not have worried. She knew exactly who it was and then I got a real surprise....

This incredibly strong, boisterous, adolescent Dobe greeted Lizzie in such a gentle way it actually brought a tear to my eye.
He bent his head down to hers and nuzzled her for a few seconds and in return she nudged him and they then trotted along together for a bit with their tails wagging - not playing this time because i guess they both sensed it was too much of a mismatch now but clearly were both very affectionate towards each other.
Rex's owner then appeared and threw him his ball which he chased and then brought back, not to his owner, not to me but to Lizzie. He dropped it next to her so she could have it if she wanted.

That's a memory that will stay with me for a long long time. I only wish I had got it on video but it happened very quickly.
However I did find a video of her and Rex when he was a lot smaller, around the time she was introducing him to her friends.

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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 Camden NW London

Post by Jojokate »

So so sad to read this news . Lizzie was loved by you and vice Versa so we thank you for that . Lizzie clearly had a lot of love and support and he videos are fabulous memories x
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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 - 11.11.20

Post by xxlynne »

Oh how hard this is for you both. We are so pleased you have come back to us and shown us the Lizzie you so loved and given us such an insight into her gifts and the joy she spread.

Bachi and Karolina we are forever in your debt. We remember Lizzie well she was stunningly beautiful a bambi of the dog world. Her soul was sincere and genuine and she spread the love.
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Re: Lizzie Crossbreed DOB ?2012 - 11.11.20

Post by MandaTK »

So so sorry to hear that darling sweet Lizzie has gone over the Bridge. She was such a special girl. Thank you for loving her so much.My heart goes out to you xxxxxxx
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