MacGregor (Mac) Cocker Spaniel x terrier Jun 2007 - 28.06.20

In loving memory ...
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MacGregor (Mac) Cocker Spaniel x terrier Jun 2007 - 28.06.20

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Apr 10, 2008 6:39 pm

MacTaggart (Mac)

Mac is a 10 month Cocker Spaniel x Lakeland/ Patterdale Terrier and been through 3 homes; the last lasted a week. He has attended training classes and been well cared for but we think been allowed to lose sight of his canine roots! He can react to being disciplined in a new setting with people he hasn't yet learned to love and fully trust. His reactions are mouthy and playful and I don't think he understood why people were getting frightened of his responses. He is very licky and no ill intent meant just expressing his any adolescent would!

Mac is mixing with dogs inside and out..enjoying himself and what a relief to be in with adults and allowed to be the puppy again. He is going to sleep tonight having been playing all day :lol: Mac is neutered; vax'd and chipped. Deflea'd and wormed. In good health.

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Re: MacGregor (Mac) Cocker Spaniel x Pattie Jun 2007 - 28.06.20

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Sadly Mick lost Mac today at 13 years old. He was such a joy and had a fantastic life with Mick out on Hamlands most of the day following his pack and lately just following Mick.

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