Buddy Staffie DOB 09 - 03.02.2020

In loving memory ...
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Buddy Staffie DOB 09 - 03.02.2020

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03.02.20: Buddy lost his battle with cancer on Monday evening...
Buddy's Thread below:
Nov 27, 2011 9:42 pm Homed
Homing Requirements Buddy needs a dog experienced family to offer him a dog centre life and to ensure he continues with his socialisation and settlement outside. Buddy needs his own secure garden. Could be an only dog but may prefer doggie company. Proven with dog savvy children 6 yrs upwards. Not for cats or small furries.

His Story: Buddy was found in a house arrest by the police, no one claimed him. He was held for 6 months in kennels while the police tried to resolve the issue. He was transferred to ourselves and has shown himself to be appreciative of everything offered to him. Now neutered, chipped and vax'd.

Advert: Buddy came as a long lost treasured friend. Buddy had immediate bonding with all and rose to ‘Mr Popularity’ status. Buddy enjoys weekend/ holiday fostering break with another Staffie, young children and cats. Buddy can get challenged by bouncy dogs off lead but is learning tolerance. Buddy travels well in the car and is housetrained. He enjoys sharing the sofa with you and loves to sleep on the bed but may settle for less if that isn't satisfactory for his family.

Buddy is a medium Staffie, dark brindle with golden flecks, slightly longer legs. He looks in stunning health, but kennel life does take its toll on his well being. Buddy has a warm steady temperament: he is a warm steady guy. He is easily discouraged from mouthing and has proved he can live with young dog savvy children. Buddy is a smoothie; he'll keep you smiling just from having him around. Buddy enjoys his weekend foster and has developed so much, see his blog link on our forum.

Interested in homing Buddy? Please click to complete our on-line homing questionnaire to match a suitable dog with your lifestyle.

Please visit Buddy's thread on our forum to find out if still available and for fuller details. For daily updates Click our forum link and you will find the full range of dogs available for homing

"Please note this dog is currently in boarding kennels and is also available for foster until a 'forever' home is found".

***PLEASE NOTE: We are a rescue finding dogs their forever homes. We usually ask for a minimum donation of £150 at the time of adoption, for each dog, to help us continue helping homeless dogs***

Watch Buddy's thread below: See his progress through our RescueReferral Details: Buddy has been sitting kennels in police custody for 6 months whilst they tried to resolve his ownership. Buddy was signed over to us 2 days ago.

I was so happy when I entered Buddy’s kennel today at Farnham, finally. We have met many times through his door but suddenly there I was, with harness in hand, and he so knew that was special. He gave me little licks, attempted to play with the harness and before he realised it, we were walking towards the dog mobile, on my passenger seat and motoring along the A3. I could tell he was nervous and he tried to get into the foot well but then preferred my company and settled back on the seat. He loved his head being stroked and 'good good boys'. We arrived close to the kennels and he had a lovely walk with the sun shining. Then into his new kennel with his own long run. A new start for Buddy, a lovely change, with promises of lovely walks and new friends. Later I called by to clean his water bowl as he had managed to drop food in it. He tried to break free. He is a door darter given the chance but I actually grabbed his fur on his back holding it tight and grabbed his collar to bring him back, no way was he running away. No reaction from him, many dogs would have had a go: Door firmly closed, we enjoyed a big cuddle and I carefully extracted myself!

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Re: Buddy Staffie DOB 09 - 03.02.2020

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Dear Buddy ...Lisa and family we are all so sorry to hear you have lost Buddy. Thank you for looking after him and giving him his treasured family.

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Re: Buddy Staffie DOB 09 - 03.02.2020

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Buddy was unique, one of those fosters that even years later pops into your head with a memory that brightens up your day. Escape artist extraordinaire, didn't like cats but very quickly learned to live with them after putting his head in the bushes and coming out with one attached to his face, not a natural with other dogs yet became one of Tia's all time besties. The kids absolutely loved him, he had such a gentle nature and was always making them laugh. Hiding from him on the top bunk bed was one of their favourites once they discovered he could join them in a single leap 0002.gif] The day he was adopted Chelsey burst into tears as he was driven away, something that only ever happened with Buddy. RIP Buddy, you certainly lived up to your name love4.gif
buddy 1.jpg
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Re: Buddy Staffie DOB 09 - 03.02.2020

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Such lovely photos John and so many treasured memories for you and Buddy's family. Rest in Peace fella. xx
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Re: Buddy Staffie DOB 09 - 03.02.2020

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Sorry dear Buddy Rest In Peace xx

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