Paddy (Paul) Patterdale DOB 10.07 - 20.09.19

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Paddy (Paul) Patterdale DOB 10.07 - 20.09.19

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29.09.19: Hi Lynne,

I wanted to let you know that our wonderful Paddy Patterdale (was Paul at RR) passed peacefully last Friday 20th Sept. after a short illness.
He was such a loving boy who would play fetch all day, everyday given the chance, bless him.
He is sorely missed by us all and his mate Peppa (was Fifi) but we are also so grateful to have had him in our lives over the last ten years.

Amanda & Gareth Roskilly
Paddy's Thread Below:
Oct 28, 2009 10:12 pm
Paddy was collected 6am this morning from Liverpool and landed in Basingstoke 12.30. Temperment superb! He has been kept outside..has a very subservient attitude very accepting and very gentle. You can see from his photos


Paddy is a love. We went to the vets for a thorough check over and he is in very good health. He has been recently wormed; so now he has had his first vax. Had a wonderful walk in the woods on arrival at the kennels and then a male kennel staff member came to take him to his kennel and picked him up in his arms without hesitation and got 2 gentle licks on his cheek. So Paddy...soon have you in with your family just snip and chip to go now!

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Re: Paddy (Paul) Patterdale DOB 10.07 Crawley W Sussex

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Sadly we lost Paddy's thread with the old forum I can only find one photo apart from the photos above which tells me Paddy was homed soon after coming in. I remember him joining Peppa whom we homed earlier...yes 10 years pleased he lived a full and wondrous life Thank you both
Paddy with Peppa
Paddy with Peppa
This lovely couple lived together for the 10 years such sad news...

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