Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 Cowes IOW

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Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 Cowes IOW

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Current Status: Homed
Myles's Story: Myles was found stray/abandoned and unclaimed within a South Coast council pound. Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place saving his life. Myles is neutered, chipped, and fully vaccinated. Myles came in with a skin condition but after a lot of treatment Myles' skin and fur are now healthy. Myles was in boarding kennels near Gatwick and now in foster sharing with a Greyhound in New Romney whilst awaiting his new family.

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If you are interested in rehoming one of our dogs, please complete our ONLINE HOMING QUESTIONNAIRE. It is always the first step in our rehoming process. Upon application, you must be ready to take in your new dog within seven days. For more detailed information, please see our Homing Process.

Please support our work and help our long stay dogs: Our minimum adoption donation is £175. This supports our continuing rescue work and is non-refundable. We exist solely due to the goodwill and donations of our supporters and volunteers. Our dogs need supportive families who will offer them patience, time and tolerance whilst they settle in their new homes. Our Rescue offers all our dogs back-up for life.

Please note: Dog laws have changed, with zero public tolerance and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers. Our Rescue asks new owners to keep their dog on a lead in public spaces and manage and support its encounters with new dogs and people, so as not to place the dog's life at risk. Destruction and Control Orders are commonplace nowadays.
Myles's progress through our Rescue is below.
We work with our dogs, who often reveal a different picture and positive skills as they build trust.
Original Referral information:
23.1.19: Myles - SBT DOB July 2008
Neglected and dumped in our local park suffering with an untreated long term skin condition and arthritis to his back legs. He has been given Malaseb baths every 48 hours and he takes it all in his stride although he has lost most of his fur. He is great in his kennel and is happy to go out in the exercise yard for short comfort breaks. He is an absolute joy and loves a good cuddle. Dog Warden Lesleyxx

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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 South Coast Pound comes soon

Post by sweetpea »

Poor boy ..... crying1.gif]

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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 South Coast Pound comes 30th

Post by Chapmania »

Bless his little heart love4.gif :welcome.gif: to the family Myles where you will be properly looked after and loved xx

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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 Gatwick Kenns

Post by anne »

I met Myles yesterday and what a dear little fellow he is. He was all curled up snuggly in his bed and did not fancy going out in the cold so we just sat together and had cuddles.
Today Myles was a much happier. perkier little dog and we went out for a couple of short strolls. Myles loves being out and enjoyed spending time having a sniff around and meeting new people, especially if they were offering treats. Myles waits to go outside to do his toileting and is so small and light on the lead you hardly know he is there.
You can see for the photos what a gorgeous bright brindle coat he has and he will look splendid once his skin has recovered some more.

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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 New Romney Foster

Post by johnfowle »

We picked up Myles midmorning today and, after meeting many well-wishers with a customary little wag of his tail, he was lifted into the car where he settled quickly on the back seat. We stopped off at a convenience store in Hawkhurst to find some cooked chicken which was accepted with grateful thanks and then it was first stop New Romney.

We were away from the house for over six hours, but always ask one of our dog walkers to call in every two or three hours to put into the garden our other residents so there is rarely a mess to clear up on our return.

He had a short trip round the front garden to relieve himself then he was introduced to his bedroom and immediately made himself at home on the mattress which Sylvie had put on the floor.

The other boys and girls were fed and went into the garden to "perform", then it was Myles' turn. He ate his lunch, which contained two "sweeties", and appeared to enjoy it, then into the back garden where sniffed and watered every blade of grass and produced a gigantic parcel. It was so good to see him, off lead, very obviously having a great time. He was in the garden for about a quarter of an hour and then followed Sylvie back to his room where he snuggled back on his mattress.

It is awful to see a dog in such a dreadful on earth anybody could allow the sores and skin go untreated for so long, and then to abandon a long time companion on a cold winter's night beggars belief. But he is in good hands with our vets, and we will do our best to ensure that he is comfortable and receives the love and attention which, perhaps, he has lacked.

He is so trusting and affectionate...a lovely boy!
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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 New Romney Foster

Post by Polpat »

I am so so happy to see that Myles is now with you! He looks so lost and bewildered and in much need of TLC which he will clearly receive by the bucket load in New Romney :thanks.gif: Just awful that he has been allowed to get into such an awful condition but hopefully he will improve quickly and I am sure he will love his time in the warmth with all the love and care that you provide love4.gif

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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 New Romney Foster

Post by Milliemoo »

Oh John I'm so happy little Myles is with you, I've been watching his thread and so wished I could of fostered him but Jamie's not to fond of the bigger dogs.
I'm sure he'll will flourish within you care x

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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 New Romney Foster

Post by mandyandmike »

This poor little chap, what must he have been through, still better times ahead now for him. Thank you John and Sylvie for taking him in and all you do for the RR dogs, you are truly amazing. :thanks.gif: :goodjob.gif:

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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 New Romney Foster

Post by johnfowle »

It's remarkable what 24 hours can do for a dog's confidence. Understandably, when Myles arrived here, he was more than a little confused but, quite obviously, was grateful to be in a warm room with a comfortable mattress.

After a restful night Myles welcomed me into his room, almost running towards me with a gently wagging tail. He ate almost all of his breakfast then it was out to the garden to perform and back into his bedroom to finish off his meal. A little later it was time for his first bath with Malaseb. He was such a good boy whilst Sue, one of our walkers, applied the medication, Sylvie comforted him and prevented him for slipping on the bottom of the bath. So many scabs came off that they actually bunged up the drain but, of course, there was no attempt to pick them off....they just fell off. Now, some eight or nine hours later, Myles appears to be so much more comfortable and he seems to be much more active. Already does he know his way down his corridor, along the hall into the annex and out to the garden....what a clever lad!!

He loves his meals, leans into you for a cuddle and gentle stroke and then snuggles back on his mattress.

How, on earth, dogs can still trust us humans when, quite obviously, they have not experienced the affection they crave, really beats me....Myles is learning unbelievably quickly that we all love him and want to do what's best for him to reduce the itching he has from his sore filled skin, encourage his fur to grow back and give him the life he deserves in his twilight years.

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Re: Myles Staffie DofB 07.08 New Romney Foster

Post by anne »

Heart fill with love.gif] Heart fill with love.gif] Heart fill with love.gif]
Thank you for taking little Myles into your hearts and your home. He is such a sweetie who deserves the best that life can offer.

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