Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Richmond Surrey

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by LindaS »

The last time I walked Sonny was in July last year and whilst he looks very forlorn in his kennels, when you go in, it is all back to normal; Sonny the face washer! He's the only dog that I have ever ended up putting his harness on when he is only on two legs, and it was just like old times, eager face wash, slight bump of head and front paws on you arms, such is him wanting to be in close.

Sonny is not for horses (nor sheep) but in Sonny's world, they are very interesting and whilst walking (or running) is good, these four legged animals are much more interesting than a walk .... Sonny was up the bank a fair way up as soon as we crossed the road - not a regular sight for the drivers in/ out of guildford I expect! After the main road we were off to the farm / North Downs way - this time the horse in the field deserved a bark for not paying us attention. Sonny and Polly SR were both dogs on a mission today and not fussed by each other out on their walk, but both focused on having a proper walk. Back at the kennel he gave me lovely cuddles whilst also waiting for his treat (sausages) and I'd wished is taken more, as he is a bit thin at the moment. See Pits photos before - they are much better than any of mine were - handsome boy.

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by Natski212 »

Sonny is such a lovely boy, he is a staffie with a heart of gold and deserves a loving home with lots of kisses to give. He is looking a little sorry for himself in the kennels [cry.gif] at the moment and in need of his own humans. Hope to walk with you again soon pup love4.gif

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by Rosiemae173 »

Sonny’s big loving eyes just melt my heart! I took him for a walk today and he was absolutely lovely, not pulling (unless he saw something small and fluffy like a squirrel :D)
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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by Julieh »

He is soooooo handsome .🙏🏻 His time comes very soon

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by savltd »

I took Sonny out this morning and he is everything previous people have said about him......Loving, easy to harness, sloppy kisser, easy to walk and very very nosey !! Stopped several times so he could look at the horses, birds and cars up on the main road......word of warning when he is watching ducks swimming by on the river be ready for him to try and jump in if they dare quack at him we both nearly took a spring swim !! Finished off in the paddock but he was far more interested in the what the dogs on the other side were doing than playing football with me.
Had a cyclist and couple of walkers pass us but other than looking at them he was very well behaved.

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by Rosiemae173 »

Ah Sonny love4.gif I can’t praise this boy enough, since I’ve started walking him I’ve absolutely fallen in love! He’s such a good little walker, no pulling on the lead and turning round for the odd cuddle and a treat. If it wasn’t for the fact I had three dogs at home he would be coming with me! I really hope he has his chance soon xx

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by Lucym »

Lovely boy Sonny and I enjoyed some sunshine yesterday. He was super excited to be going out and amongst all the kisses I did get some of his best sitting and patience to get his lead on etc.
Sonny was on lookout for anything exciting to see and horses, sheep and geese all proved to be fascinating on our walk!! He does get strong on the lead in those moments but otherwise he was calm and easy on the lead. thumbs.gif
This boy has so much potential with lots of enthusiasm and love to give his new family.
Super Sonny!! love4.gif

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by pits »

Here's Sonny who has supermodel looks as you can see, posing yesterday. He really loves affection and cuddles!

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by James »

I had the great pleasure of taking Sonny out today and last Saturday. He's such an adorable, well behaved boy. Last weekend we walked and I had the sense that he'd like to stretch his legs more than my gumboots would allow so this weekend I took him for a proper 7km jog. He's the perfect companion if you want to jog with your dog as he barely broke his stride, just the occasional sniff around. He's certainly interested in other dogs and wildlife, particularly ducks. After a very enthusiastic welcome both times with lots of wet kisses, he let me harness him very calmly and knew exactly what to do. After our 90 minutes he went happily back to his kennel and curled up in his basket with a chew toy, a happy dog. Such a sweetie!

Here are some pics from our walk. He is such a beautiful golden fawn colour with lovely soft fur. I'm sure it won't be long before I lose my new jogging partner to his forever home as he's so loveable and affectionate.
Such a handsome boy
Such a handsome boy
Sonny 2.jpg
Sonny 3.jpg

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Re: Sonny Staffiex DofB ?2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by Chapmania »

:goodluck.gif: Sonny xx

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