Lacey Staffie x DofB 29.11.16 Cranleigh

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Lacey Staffie x DofB 29.11.16 Cranleigh

Post by xxlynne » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:19 pm

Current Status: Homed
Lacey's Story : Lacey was handed into a Rescue centre as the family found having 3 dogs plus kids too much. The Rescue couldnt keep her but found her a Rescue place with ourselves. Rescue Remedies offered a Rescue place saving her life. Lacey is neutered; chipped and fully vaccinated. Lacey was in boarding kennels near Guildford

PLEASE NOTE: Dog laws have changed with zero public tolerance and prejudice against bull breeds and terriers. Our Rescue asks new owners to maintain dogs on lead in public spaces and manage encounters for at least 4 months until sure of their dogs instincts & skills, most of our dogs will need to be retained always on a lead, so as not to place dog's lives at risk, (Destruction or Control Orders are common place nowadays).

***PLEASE HELP OUR LONG STAY DOGS: Our min. adoption donation £175, which supports our work and Is non returnable. We will offer an alternative dog should our dog not settle given adequate time and reassurance. Rescue Remedies offers their dogs back up for life and exist on the goodwill of our supporters and volunteers.

Please click for Lacey's thread for regular updates, new pictures and videos. To apply to home a dog, you must be ready within 7 days and complete a homing questionnaire submitted Online We work fast to secure our dogs their loving homes and can be talking to up to 10 families at any one time. Please remain open: We have the dogs we have. Our dogs need a supportive family to offer patience, time & tolerance to allow them to settle.
Lacey's progress through our Rescue below
Original Referral information : We work with our dogs & often reveal a different picture & positive skills as they build trust.

Dear Lynne We have been contacted by the head behaviourist regarding a dog signed over to them, but who they cannot keep. Can you help her? Lacey is 9 months old, vaxed, spayed and chipped as bulldog cross. She was signed over to the rescue by her owner because she already had two bull breeds and having a third was too much. Here is the assessment from the rescue:

Character summary
Lacey is a bright, playful girl who would love to have continued training! She is super friendly and a delight to be around. She is able be left home alone, and would love to live with a play mate. She could be suitable to live with children.

Lifestyle needs
Lacey is a very friendly and sweet girl. She approaches people with confidence and is eager to meet and enjoy a fuss.
She can have moments when she is worried on a walk by loud noises and tends to stand still and watch to find the source of the sound. After a second she is back to doing her own thing. Lacey was not allowed on the furniture in her last home, but if she did sneak up she would be reluctant to get down when told, although never growled or guarded. When tested on site she showed a slight reluctance to be removed from the sofa as her ears went back and she became a dead weight, but showed no resource guarding. She has been crate trained, and is happy to be in there. Lacey loves being let off lead and running around, although her recall can be unreliable in the presence of other dogs.

Family needs
Lacey used to live with 2 adults and 2 children, and got on very well with the children as they used to do a lot of the training with her. When unfamiliar visitors came to the home she would bark initially at the door and go over and sniff them with her tail wagging, she wouldn’t jump up. With visiting children came over, she would be friendly but tend to ignore them once she has met them.
We have found Lacey to be avoidant of having her harness fitted and fools around, but is easily distracted by treats and with someone that she knows. Lacey politely avoids a hug embrace and again tried to avoid further invasive handling of her feet and tail. She also politely avoids people looking at her teeth or putting eye drops in, and tries to wriggle free from restraint at the veterinary surgery. Lacey has no guarding in her history, similarly on site she is happy for people to take her food bowl/toys/water bowl away.

Home alone information
Lacey used to be left in a crate home alone for 4-5 hours in her previous home and was never vocal or destructive. On site, Lacey is rarely vocal but does toilet regularly in her kennel, although was housetrained in the home. We have not seen any tail chasing behaviours from her.

Behaviour with other dogs
Lacey used to live with two other bull breeds and got on well with them, and particularly enjoyed playing with the younger dog. When Lacey see’s dogs in the distance she will often stop and wait for them to come closer, but can be easily distracted by treats. When greeting other dogs, she is very confident and playful and initiates play through appeasement and play bowing. She can be over the top when in full swing. She has mixed with another dog who didn’t want to play and Lacey still attempted to play and did not listen to the other dog. When a dog has been unfriendly with her we have seen no response from her apart from to try and move away to avoid conflict.

Behaviour with other animals
Lacey has a history of being alert and barking at livestock, and similarly on site she can be obsessively staring at our sheep. However, she was very worried of our pig and tried to run away. In her previous home, the neighbour’s cat regularly came up to the window and Lacey would jump up at the glass and bark. She also has a history of chasing wild rabbits and birds and will bark at them.

Any other information
Lacey is a very bright girl who loves training, and has learnt the basics but would enjoy further training. She currently has a good frustration tolerance with toys/food being withheld. When attempting to get her aroused Lacey did not get mouthy and actually tried to avoid the rough and tumble play. She was very slow to arouse and quick to calm back down again. Occasionally on a walk when she gets excited she can lightly mouth the lead, but does not rag or attempt to chew through it. She can be startled by loud noises, such as the hoover, wheelie bin and lawnmower and may need desensitising to become more comfortable. Lacey regularly gets travel sick in the car, and is used to travelling in the crate on the back seat. She loves water, although she has not had the opportunity to go swimming yet, she often gets in our paddling pools on site and blows bubbles with her nose!

Kind regards,
Amanda S&S

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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by pits » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:16 pm

I met and walked Lacey for the first time earlier. She is such a beautiful dog! She seemed a bit like she was exploring the world for the first time ever, everything seemed very new to her like she wasn't used to walks, or maybe it was just because it was her first time walking this specific route and area. I didn't know her age until now but she appeared very young and youthful on the walk and was playful. She was fine around passersby and looked interested in other dogs but not in a bad way. She's a stunning dog and it was great to walk her. She pulls a little but I'm sure after getting used to walking and being outside that it will improve. On this walk I think that she was walking the specific route likely for the very first time so it must have been very exciting and unusual for her. She likes her treats and sat well for them. Lovely dog!

Nurse Flo
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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by Nurse Flo » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:24 pm

Two walks for me and Lacey this week and she is a little superstar.
She is young, happy and has sooooo much potential.
She started the walks a bit all over the place as she was just so excited to be out but did settle.
Lacey is very food orientated and very engaged with her human which is a great combo for training this pup.
Today, I asked her to sit and watch me when some dogs walked by and she did so beautifully! Of course she got a treat for such brill behaviour from a pup. Sometimes I just "let her be" when walking past dogs and she was happy and excited by their presence.
Her walking alongside the busy roads today was even better than it was earlier in the week with her looking at me all the time for instruction (and treats!)
This is one bright cookie!

As she had been so good and concentrated so hard on her walk today I took her to the paddock afterwards so that she could let her hair down.
She had a blast and charged around as she didn't have a care in the world. Despite charging around she was self controlled enough not to charge at me or jump at me even though I think she wanted to!
She LOVED the paddling pool with its dirty water and snuffled about in it like a hippo!

Love her love4.gif

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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by Jojokate » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:52 pm

She is so beautiful, I walk past her kennel and she looks up with such loving eyes. I'm going on for cuddles next week xx love4.gif

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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 2016 Guildford Kenns

Post by CatB » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:48 pm

I walked Lacey the other weekend and I am only just getting the chance to write about this wonderful pup. When I took her out she had just arrived at Guildford kennels, she had just been in the car, didn't know where she was or who I was. But despite all that she let us pop a harness on her, greeted me beautifully and trotted off for a walk with me.
Lacey was calm, I was really impressed considering how young she is and with everything being new. She was probably taking it all in bless her. She walked well on a loose lead, really easy to manage on the lead and super busy with sniffing and taking in all the sights and sounds around her.
We passed some groups of people, Lacey passed a couple of women walking on the narrow path very well. A little later on our walk we were passing a group of builders mainly men and one woman, Lacey stopped and stood still, she seemed apprehensive. She passed with some gentle encouragement but did give a little grumble. (It could've been anything that made her feel wary, I put it down to first day nerves, being young and in a new place with a new person is hard.)
Lacey enjoyed affection and treats along the way, she sat and took treats gently and has a lovely nature. I don't know what else to say, she was a pleasure to walk and although I haven't taken her since I see her beautiful face staring out of kennel each week. She sits quietly at the kennel door, hoping for a treat, or for it to be her turn for a walk.. even better her turn for a home! (Am I tugging at your heart strings yet?)

Lovely Lacey is only young, ready to learn so much and give all her love and trust to her forever family, I'm sure she'll make a wonderful addition to someone's life.

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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 29.11.16 Guildford Kenns

Post by MrsP » Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:21 pm

Lacey met 4 members of her new family and it was love at first sight. She showed off how playful she is with other dogs with her pal Ricky, then EVERY dog that passed us! So off she went with Maria, Gordon, Kim and Sean with more family and a pug cousin to meet, our puppy girl will have quite the life thumbs.gif
Lacey home.jpg
Lacey home1.jpg
aaaand we've got an update on FB already
Lacey home2.jpg

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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 29.11.16 Cranleigh

Post by xxlynne » Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:15 pm

Superb Lacey enjoy your life ....happy times Thank you everyone

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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 29.11.16 Cranleigh

Post by Chapmania » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:42 pm

Wonderful news woo.gif] Be happy Lacey love4.gif xx

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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 29.11.16 Cranleigh

Post by MariaS » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:03 pm

Just wanted to give you an update on Lacey. We’ve had her for nearly 8 months and love her to bits, she’s has a very large personality which is beautiful. She absolutely loves my grandchildren. It’s not all been plain sailing but she is settling down to be a lovely, playful cheeky but gentle young lady. So thank you RR for introducing us to our newest member of the family. X

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Re: Lacey Staffie x DofB 29.11.16 Cranleigh

Post by sweetpea » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:40 am

Thank you for the update :goodjob.gif:

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