Maxx Patterjack DofB 01.07.12 Wellingborough Northants

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Re: Maxx Patterjack DofB 01.07.12 Wellingborough Northants

Post by MaryB » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:44 am

Max - 8 Week Report.

I do hope Mel gets to see this..

Max settled in well as soon as he arrived and has continued to be more and more settled. We think h'es nearly got us licked into shape and has decided to stay!! It's a quiet house but he's settled into a nice routine.

He has a "big" walk in the morning and spends the rest of his day being very "busy". Lots of fetch,zoomies and mega zoomies. Zoomies involves out back door and round the garden and in french windws mega zoomies incudes the above but right round the inside of house too. We do a dustbin pick up, hang out washing which involves puting paw prints on wet washing, make beds which involves bouncing, car rides etc. ooh yes he does excellent home alones but not many of those. He carefully supervises all household activities especially if they involve food!

I was concerned about sufficient excercise but there are no signs of boredom. He has a "look out" on the sitting room window sill which is where he spends most of his time.

We are/have come to terms with his dislike of other dogs and (mis)behaviour on the lead. We go for walks in a low dog density area when there are almost no other dogs about. There's no point in upsetting him. This is not a new problem for us as our last Patterjack had similar problems. We had visits from extended pack members and Max now has a new harness as used by Army EOD dogs but in size mini-mini. There has been an immediate improvement and he's walking very nicely on the lead. We're sorting the Fence Wars by distraction and treats (as explained elsewhere)

I'm constantly amazed by how responsive he is to his name. So obedient indoors which must be due to time spent with Mel's Uncle. He's now met all the "extended" pack and even the ladies from the crochet club! All think he's a really lovely little dog and he's been swamped with applications to join his fan club! He's getting cheekier by the day, which suits me nicely as that's how I like my dogs..

I hope Mel gets to know what a happy little dog he is and how much love and pleasure he's spreading around and we are looking after him well

Thankyou again RR ladies

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Re: Maxx Patterjack DofB 01.07.12 Wellingborough Northants

Post by Broomstick » Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:25 pm

I will never stop enjoying Maxx's updates, so beautifully written I can feel his presence as I read. I can tell how happy he is by his behaviour and yes he clearly has you all well trained. He did love a ball!!! Maxx couldn't have found better owners. I am glad he has all the space he needs to fully zoom around.
Thank you so much for the update.
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Re: Maxx Patterjack DofB 01.07.12 Wellingborough Northants

Post by Jojokate » Sun Oct 13, 2019 7:42 am

bighug.gif loved that last update. So good to know he’s loved as much as before . Keep us posted x

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