LouLou Staffie DOB 03.05 Hitchin Hearts

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LouLou Staffie DOB 03.05 Hitchin Hearts

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Nov 14, 2012 12:13 am


Homing Requirements: LouLou needs a stable family to take care of her. Proven with young children. She needs to build to being left short periods as left too much in past and whimpers. Needs a companion home and a secure garden or area to enjoy off lead exercise. She has sensitive skin and a chronic right ear condition needing intermittent treatment. LouLou doesn't cope in kennels so will not be a dog for holiday holidays. Only pet.

Video: LouLou enjoying her walk

Video: LouLou happy so happy!

Her Story: LouLou was owned since a puppy and has grown up with children. LouLou's owner was working full time with an extra job. Had 3 children with 1 on the way and simply didn't have time for her anymore. Lou Lou was beginning to bark after long periods alone. She is neutered and under going her vaccinations. In kennels in near Godstone, Surrey.

Advert: LouLou is a pretty Staffie. She has a lovely tempo, submissive energy and is happy to be out and about or sitting by your side. She travels well in a crate. Meets other dogs well. We are just socialising her with parallel walking like so many Staffies, she wouldn't like off lead dogs in her face.

Lou Lou is a black brindle with a fine coat with tendency to develop fur baldness as her coat is so fine. She has had a chronic ear issue with her right ear that needs awareness and periodic treatment. She has a dear demeanour and a kind heart. Everything you would want in a family dog just not fluency with dogs so homed an only dog . Dear soul.

Interested in homing LouLou? Please click to complete our on-line homing questionnaire to match a suitable dog with your lifestyle.

Please visit LouLou's thread on our forum to find out if she is still available and for fuller details. For daily updates Click our forum link and you will find the full range of dogs available for homing.

***PLEASE NOTE: We are a rescue finding dogs their forever homes. We usually ask for a minimum donation of £150 at the time of adoption, for each dog, to help us continue helping homeless dogs***

See LouLou's Thread Below: Watch her progress through our Rescue
Referral Details: LouLou's owner living under great pressure didn't have time for her.

We took LouLou into kennels on Monday 12th October

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