Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by Lynds »

Thanks so much for the update.
It’s lovely to see Dusty boy looking so chilled.
I also remember that lovely Velvety, spotty tummy.

Please Give it a stroke from me.
Lots of love to the boy

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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by TimLees »

Hi everyone,

We write with a sad update :(

Since our last post Dustin has developed a large number of masses in a very short period of time. Over the space of 12 weeks or so he now has more than 30 tumours all over his body ranging from the size of pea up to slightly bigger than a 50p piece. He has been to the vet and had a fine needle aspiration. Unfortunately the results from this came back as complex. There were some cancerous cells but also very large numbers of white blood cells too not a clear enough picture for them to be 100% sure of the diagnosis.

The next procedure he would need for 100% confirmation of the diagnosis would be invasive and involve biopsies, general anaesthetic and a stay at the vets. We've had a number of conversations with our excellent vet. He is 95% sure that the lumps are either Mass Cell Tumours or Cutaneous Lymphoma (because of the elevated white blood cell count in the area). Given the speed at which is has spread it is very likely to be aggressive and malignat. As we all know Dustin doesn't do well around other animals so we feel it isn't fair to but him through the trauma of the procedure just so we have the comfort (if that's the right word) of knowing the exact diagnosis. This is particularly the case because the widespread nature of his tumours means chemotherapty or radiotherapy are not an option so really we would be doing this for curiosity rather than to inform his treatment.

The prognosis differs depending on which of the two types of cancer he might have. We are looking at a worse case scenario of a few weeks to a best case scenario of 4 or 5 months. This will be helped, hopefully, because we are moving straight to palliative car to make sure his quality of life is extended as much as possible (rather than waiting for biopsy procedures and results). He started a course of strong steroids for a week today. Hopefully this will lower any inflamation he has and in some cancers it calms the cells down and slows the rate of spreading.

Dustin isn't quite himself at the moment. He's seeksing reassurance more than normal and is a little tired and listless. He does have his appetite and is still happy to initiate play when he feels up to it. He is getting spoiled rotten as you might imagine.

There still a very small chance that what he has is something that is unusual and not cancer. We are coming to terms with the fact that this is unlikely and steeling ourselves to have to have to put Dustin's welfare first at some point in the upcoming weeks or months. We've had years of happiness from our idiosyncratic boy and we owe it to him to make sure that he doesn't suffer.

Sorry to write which such sad news but we thought you would all like to know.

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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by anne »

So sorry to hear this news. You are doing the very best for him and making the decisions which are in his best interests. It is so hard watching our beloved furry family members go through illness and disease. Glad to hear he is being pampered and loved. Sending hugs to all of you. x

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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by sweetpea »

Absolutely devastated for you ...but i know you will do whatever is right for Dustin amd put his needs first ....make the most of every day ....please give him a gentle hug from me and sending you lots of love and strength. . Kiss of love.gif Kiss of love.gif

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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by Chrissy M »

So very sad to read this , I walked Dustin a lot, keeping a beady eye out for other dogs to avoid ,you have given him so much love and fun , when he was in need of understanding xxxx He has been able to rely on you to keep him safe and loved xxxx thinking of you xxxx

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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by Julieh »

Thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts and prayers for you and Dustin.
Everything you do will be because you love him and he will know this. Take one day at a time and cherish every moment. Gentle hugs for your beautiful little man.

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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by Jevandbabs »

New member here getting to grips with this forum but wanted to join others in sending you some happy thoughts and vibes in this difficult time.

I'm also in Reading so if you need help with anything please get in touch.

Good luck with whatever happens with Dustin, looks like you have given him a fantastic time since finding him on here many years ago.

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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by Sarahk »

Sending love to Dustin and his amazing pawrents xxx So difficult at times like this but love will get you through, cherish every moment xxx
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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by SarahW »

So glad Dustin is loved so much. Enjoy every moment you all have together. Sending virtual stokes and cuddles xx
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Re: Dustin Staffie DOB 2013-4 Reading

Post by Staz »

Thank you all for your lovely messages of love and support it is very comforting.
Jevandbabs wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:28 pm
I'm also in Reading so if you need help with anything please get in touch.
- Thank you Jevandbabs, such a lovely offer, much appreciated - welcome to such a wonderful community.

It has been a difficult couple of weeks thus far. Dustin has finished his steroid treatment which has reduced the size of the growths - but at the expense of quality of life. This is not a course of treatment we would subject him to again. He has experienced most of the side effects to some degree. We know that sometime soon we will have the difficult decision to make and I am heartbroken about that but until that time comes I am cherishing every day with him, every stroke, tail wag, play session, cuddle in bed, piggy snore - you name it I'm soaking it all in and we are continuing to shower him with all the love he deserves.

Yesterday he perked up and was playful... as you can see he is still smiling. love4.gif x x x


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